C9 Differences?

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    Question on the C9, thinking about getting one. I found a used one and when I went to look for more info, I saw that it's in it's second revision. What's the obvious difference btw. the original 9mm compact and 9mm polymer? Just want to make sure I'm getting the newer lighter one.

    from their website:


    Consumers already recognize the 9mm Compact as an exceptional value in its category. Now polymer technology has allowed us to take this popular handgun one step farther. The 9mm Polymer is ¼ lb. lighter than our original 9mm Compact. At 29 oz., this all-weather handgun boasts an even smoother action, reduced recoil, and a scratch resistant frame.
    *New rear peep sight for handguns shipped with each gun. All Hi-Point firearms now shipped with dual lock trigger. .

    Advantages of the Polymer Frame:

    The Polymer frame used on the 9mm Compact offers the shooter several advantages. First, it will decrease the weight of the weapon. Secondly, the forgiving nature of the polymer will decrease the felt recoil when firing the weapon. The polymer frame that is used by Hi-Point is a very high-tech, durable material that will serve the shooter for decades to come.
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    The older 29oz C9 had a alloy frame, and is no longer made. As long as you buy a new C9 you will have the latest polymer frame.

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    the one i'm buying is used and a few years old. so the difference is in the frame, the old was was completely alloy?
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    Yes, if the frame is plastic it is the newer modal. By the way what are you paying for it, if you don’t mind me asking?
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    I have not seen one of the old models myself, but yeah, the older frames were all alloy. If you can get hold of the S/N of the gun, which is underneath the barrel and right in front of the trigger guard, you can call Hi Point and they can tell you about anything you want to know about that particular gun.
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    +1 Good Idea!
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    dumb question maybe, but what the heck is a dual lock trigger?