C9 Failure to go in to battery.

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  1. Alright guys, I know it's been a while since I've been around, haven't started a thread in probably a year, but I have a problem that I just can't seem to solve. I'm working on What?'s C9, last time I worked on it I installed a new mag catch and spring, because the mag would pop out when he would fire it, I thought everything was good until he went out to shoot it and a new problem occurred, with a fully loaded mag it won't fully chamber the first round, it stops about 1/2" short, hard stuck, takes quite a bit to force it home, you can't just smack it, but once you drop the mag the slide moves freely. So, I know you're thinking exactly what I thought, I put the original mag catch back in, thinking that maybe the new one was out of spec and causing the mag to seat higher and create an interference... Nope, it still does it. I've inspected the gun over and over, de-burred, polished and lubed, still no luck.
    Now, I know better than to do this, and I always used to preach about this when I was on here 24/7, that you should never hand cycle live ammunition in a gun that uses the firing pin as the ejector, but I've cycled numerous mags full of live rounds trying to understand what is happening. Here's what I've learned:

    8rnds in mag, slide opened or closed upon mag insertion, will not fully chamber, slide hard stuck, have to drop mag, once the 1st round has chambered, re-insert mag, try to hand cycle it (quickly of course) and it fails the eject and the round actually gets forced into the left side of the slide.

    7rnds in mag, slide opened or closed, usually will chamber with a violent power stroke, a lighter but still strong manipulation of the slide will leave it hung up in the same spot, but you can smack the back of the slide and it will go forward, on rare occasions it still gets hard stuck and won't move without dropping the mag, ejects weakly.

    6rnds or less, flawless.

    I don't think it's as much of a clearance issue as it is a tension issue. It's odd that it never had this issue before, and he says it does it with any of the mags he has tried. What could have possibly changed inside the gun that would bring this on?
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    Just taking a SWAG here.....does the mag sit too high when it's latched?

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    It's the mag. Acting just like a new 10 rounder. I'd clean & lube it first. Check the spring.
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    Could also be the lips are "lefty" biased, letting the bullets drag on the LRHO and edge of chamber.

    Someone put a thin layer of tape on the top left side of the mag to force it right.

    Another option was to roll the right side lips out, roll the left side lips in a touch, and the round will be centered better.
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    WHere the H-E-Double Tooth-Pix have YOU BEEN!!! :eek:

    I'm with Cic, sounds about right... The old mags do OK, right?
  6. I only have one mag to test, though I suppose I can toss in a carbine mag just to see how it seats.
  7. He said it's all the mags that do it, which us why I put the original mag catch back in, thinking it would solve the problem.
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    So what did you screw up?
  9. That's what I can't figure out.
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    At least try one or two different mags to verify a mag problem.

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    This is the same problem I'm having, which is why I got on this forum. I have three different mags, and they all do the same thing. The problem seems to be more with the slide. Think I'll just look into sending it back.
  12. Yeah, I'm not sure how this happened though, it didn't do this before. Of course the original issue with it popping the mag out when firing could have been from a similar source.