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    I bought my C9 tonight.. NIB.. here's my unfired impressions of the gun.

    I had been looking at Hi-points for quite some time and was'nt sure what to expect.
    I've read the reviews.. lots of opinions and looked at so many pictures.
    It's difficult to dig threw the BS and rumors on the internet, Indeed even in real life conversations..

    I remember asking the dealer once when i was buying other guns in early Nov.. A lady was buying one.. Im unsure which one it looked a C9, I asked in passing "Oh, is that a Hi-point?" I said with some excitement.. she softly said yes and looked nervous trying ot crack a smile as she got out her ID.

    I apologized for butting into her business and moved on.. Unsure if she simply wanted to be left alone or was embarrassed of her purchase.

    I asked the dealer as i was checking out about the Hi-points.. i say.. I've heard they're like shooting bricks.. ugly but reliable.. He replied.. "thats pretty much right"

    The controversy and mixed reviews on the internet was of no help, I stalked this very forum many a months.. (of course one can't expect to get totally unbiased opinions at a forum built around a gun company)
    Finally i see my chance to strike.. the Hi-points are finally back on sell again.. now is the time, I need to either find a cheap used one quick or buy a nib on sell.

    The pawn shops all but empty, Some swearing at their name "Lol, we dont touch those", The shops have spoken.. It's time to get a new one.

    Once im at the shop i look over the selection then finally grab a number (yes at this shop it's so busy and big you have to take a number) I ask about my desires of a taurus 909.. not to be found used or new on the shelf.. "If its' not on the shelf we dont have any" was the reply "theres nothing in the back" while i know this not completely true from past exp here im secure in the thought they very well most likely do not have it.

    Down to business, i ask to see the Hi-Point C9.. the dealer clears it and hands it to me.. I had heard they are "Built like shooting bricks", "top heavy", oddly i thought this gun is actually fairly light.. ok it's relative but to me it was not a heavy gun but not a feather weight either.. I also notice the grip is pretty amazing on it, This is easily one of the strong points of the gun.. they are a bit slick but very nice in the hand.

    I checked the gun for point ability, amazingly it preformed almost as good as my taurus/beretta 92, The sights are very good on it with nice safety orange for the back and bright yellow for the front.. fully adjustable rear sights.

    I was quite shocked with the overall comfort and feel of the gun.. i expected some bulky heavy "brick" of a gun.. but it was nothing of the sort.

    Moving on to the function, the slide went back easy.. however the serrations could use some more work.. they are rounded and although i had no problem gripping it i could see this if you had water or blood or oil on you hands being hard to pull back.

    I generally do not like striker fired guns.. but this is a personal preference so i wont fault the gun for this.

    The safety was easy to move up and down.. however it is to low profile for me to easily do it without changing grips, It consists of not much more then a bent piece of metal for a lever.. which resembles (to me at least) a spoon handle.

    I knew full well ahead of time the gun had no slide release.. If this was going to be used for carry,sd/hd i would have a real problem with this.. since it slows reloading down..

    The trigger was so-so, not really happy with the trigger but it's functional.. not much more can be said for it.

    The trigger guard as a nice curve for your supporting hand, This is probably more a personal choice but i like it.. i only wish there was some serrations, it is perfectly smooth.. having sweaty hands might make this area slick.

    The frame it self is nothing special.. it does seem to be softer then glocks or other poly framed guns.. there was some burrs left that i cleaned up with a pocket knife you would like to see it a little more cleaned up but can't really moan to loudly about it.

    The magazines is one problem area.. they feel cheap and flimsy, mine had some sort of paint or protection on it but it was not uniform and had some bar spots.. they do have a metal follower, i've not had time to take them apart as im not sure how exactly yet, i'd actually like to have seen them made from polymer them selves or thicker metal.. they also sometimes get caught if you dont watch how you slide it in.. this would not make a good gun for tactical or speed reloading.

    Functionally the mags do work, i used a maglula uplula, loading was simple but did have some trouble with the mag shifting on me and getting caught on the lips, I cycled 3 mag loads threw the gun by hand.. no problems however i noticed trying to unload the mags by hand can be problematic.

    The capacity is rather low no the magazines, 9mm single stack does not buy much capacity, 10 round extended mags can be bought but standard is only 8rounds.. it is definitely not an endurance piece.. for SD it is probably adequate if you needed it 8 rounds will probably either kill or at least scare the hell out of who ever is attacking you.

    I am also displeased that only a single mag comes with the gun, it's customary to give 2 mags.. at least.. but i suppose a minor issue in the long run.

    The mag release it self is nice and long and is easy to press, no complaints what so ever in this area.

    The gun has a mag safety on it, which prevents the gun from being fired without a magazine inserted.. This is one area i strongly dislike about the gun.

    I was pleased to find that using the firing pin as an ejector really was not as big a problem as i had though.. the rounds came out with no noticeable denting on the primers, After seeing it in action it is a pretty ingenious way to cheaply add an ejector to the gun.. i would not want to see this on a high priced model but it serves it's purpose.

    The slide itself there has been much controversy over the ZAMAK (ZAMAC), the so called Pot-Metal slide.. It is thick and sturdy, i do not feel this will be any problem in now that i've seen it for my self.. Many say it will kaboom.. i do not believe this will be a common problem.. if one at all.

    Surely i would prefer a carbon or stainless slide but functionally it seems suitable for the gun and will not be a problem like so many on the internet profess.

    The gun has a noticeable and annoying rattle from the counter weight, This is normal however even so annoying.

    The trigger lock is pretty crappy.. not that i use them anyway but you're best off locking the mags up then the gun.. the trigger lock is just pathetic.

    My gun however did come out of the box with a scrape on the barrel.. I am not to worried about this.. i thought it was the slide however cycling the gun several times i notice no additional wear so i assume it was damaged during production, im not to worried about it though.

    I usually tear my guns down to clean and lube before their first range trip but the field strip is a pita on this gun.. which requires a punch.. or a screw driver at least.. This has got to be the absolute worse thing about the gun.

    On the other hand mine came from the factory with a decent lube job on it.. so to be honest it wont require much if any preping before going to the range, i've seen guns come dry from the factory so this was a pleasant even if minor supprise.

    Over all the gun has a good feel in the hand, pretty decent balance imo, and excellent sights, I have not yet fired it but i can definitely see a lot of the rumors, opinions and reviews on the internet are at the very least misleading, i can't wait to fire it and see how it preforms.

    My first impression check list.

    Slick but extremely comfortable factory grip.
    Quick'n'Ez sights / Pointability
    Easy to reach mag release
    Good supporting hand positioning.
    Good balance and weight.
    Supreme worry free warranty.
    Comes from factory with pretty good lube job.

    flimsy magazines
    low capacity
    no slide release
    mag safety
    hard to use manual safety
    worthless trigger lock.
    Worse field strip EVER!

    Pictures below, sorry my camera studio consists of little more then a folded white T-shirt a older digital camera and a desk lamp :p
    The last two pictures show the scratch on the barrel although it's a bit fuzzy so hard to see it clearly.
  2. Your review is rambling and long winded........ :lol: :lol: AND a GREAT READ!!!

    Well done, my friend. I think you hit the nail on the head finding what many of us found with our first C9. Such a thorough review begs to see what you think after you shoot it. Remember, 300-500 rounds is about break-in, so don't be too harsh right out of the box. Some of us have been lucky with the first round, others have had some spots to get over.

    Again, very well done.

  3. Well written and extremely right on the money!
    Oh, and you start getting into "brick" territory with the .45 JHP....
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    I have ran about 600 rounds through mine out of the box with no cleaning...
    1st thing i needed was the heavier recoil spring inserted (the extra that came with it)...
    The other night i polished the feed ramp after its first cleaning... Little cheapy Walmart offbrand dremmel... Havent ran it yet but i was afraid i would get back into the occasional jam since the feedramp was covered in soot from shoooting so much that i believed it added slickness.. When i cleaned it off i noticed a couple small gouges in the feedramp coating...

    Overall i am happy with it... Mine runs flawlessly... Rapid fire is no problem and its a pretty accurate 25yd gun and has the ability to put 5 or 6 on a 10X10 target at 50yds out of a mag full...
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    hmm.. mine did'nt come with a spare recoil spring, or if it did i did'tn see it.
  6. Nice review, and congrats to your purchase. Mine is not as acurate as my wifes xd9, but I still prefer it to my Keltec p3at. Have about 1000 rounds through mine and I can't think of a single misfire,fail to feed, failure of any kind. Put the rounds in and pull the trigger. Hope you find the same.

    Semper Fi, Troops. Smoke 'em if ya' got 'em.
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    The C9 review is pretty solid!

    My C9 has been an "out-of-the-box" blaster since day one and just hit 2500 rounds without any major flaw. Just clean it well every time you go out and don't worry about tearing it apart because the manufactuer is assertive in the fact that you do NOT take it apart within the first few thousand rounds. Lube every mechanical point on it that you can find and it will not let you down!
  8. Joe that scratch on the barrel is not a surprise to us. It is common for the barrels to scratch because of contact with the slide, people either touch up the scratches, ignore them or remove the paint from the barrel and polish the metal which looks nice.

    Nice review, and I hope you like the pistol after firing it.