C9 for 189.00, too much?

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Pistols' started by AnArmyofRon, Apr 22, 2008.

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    Hit 10 pawn shops today and found one that had two C9s and nothing else. One shop had a used 995 for 219.00. I laughed at the guy who hadn't it to me. He also had an AR modified for .45. $800.00. Man it looked nice. ANYWAY, The C9 for 189.00. From what ya'll have seen is this acceptable?
  2. Pretty high for most areas, but I don't know about where you are, and if you want it bad enough, ya gotta do what ya gotta do. I think that the $219 995 is a better deal: it seems less overpriced, and if there's anything wrong with it, HP will probably fix it under warranty.

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    Scour all of the shops within easy driving distance to find out what the average asking price in your area is before you jump on that.
    While you are doing that, you might want to ask around and see what they charge for doing transfers, as it might be cheaper for you to order directly from a distributor. Doing it that way, you would pay the dealer price, plus shipping, plus the transfer fee.
    I do it that way all the time now and it is much cheaper than paying the store mark up.
  4. thats what i paid for mine back in january. havent found another one yet so i do not know if the price would be higher.
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    That's the ticket right there. Once you find a FFL dealer like that, you are good to go. The dealer price for C-9's at S.O.G. and places like that is about a hundred bucks.
    You should be able to save yourself forty or fifty bucks.
  6. AnArmyofRon

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    I actually got my 995 for 185.00. It is just so hard passing this C9 up when I see it right there and I got to hold it. I appreciate the link and there is a shop here that does 20 dollar xfers, but, band o' shiites, that means a longer wait time when I just saw the C9. I was fishing for "Buy it now, Ron, are you crazy!!!" I'll check out the web-site and see if I can't save fifty or so dollars (If I can't talk the pawn shop down). I did give the guy a minor amount of grief about the C9 price. AAAARRGGGGGHHHHH!
    Thanks for the input. I gotta look at this from all sides. Dadgummit!
  7. Iwantitnowitis can be a hard disease to fight, I know that one all too well ;)
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    If you want to scratch that got to have it now itch, then go for it. Since I discovered the world of ordering directly with $15 transfers, I've been preaching the low cost way of getting firearms to everyone who will listen.
    The gun store mark up exists for a good reason. You can examine it first hand, you can buy it that day, no waiting, and you get other services there too. Nothing wrong with that. They provide a valuable service, and that is what the extra bread is paying for.
  9. crucial

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    You're still at $169 when you add in the $20 shipping and $20 transfer. That makes it much closer to the in store price and the wait is less appealing. Thats why I paid $169 for my C9. The only other place that had anything in stock or would sell them at all wanted $229 for one.
  10. 20 bucks is 20 bucks, thats a couple of boxes of ammo ;)
  11. Space

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    Saw one at a gun show a couple of weeks ago for $289....yep, for a C9

    Of course a lot of other tables at the show had them for around $150 or so.

    What is really funny is the guy who was selling C9's for $289 had P63's for $120, same as everyone else. Don't think it was gold plated or anything :)
  12. I was looking around the other day at the place I got my HP and they have droped in price. A C9 was 129 now 110 and JCPs was 149 now 120. Makes me wish I waited a little bit.
  13. aren't you from Texas? don't you guys grow gun form the tree? $189 is a bit too much for c9, it's not like it's not worth it. but you should be able to find cheaper price.

    in Los Angeles, Cali, i can find a c9 about 169 without any discount. i got mine on a grand opening deal for $109 + tax. :lol:
  14. I got mine from gunbroker for 119 then shipping and then transfer fee for a grand total of 165. Totally worth it for a NIB C9 as far as Im concerned.
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    I paid 149.00 today when i got mine, im in Michigan...
  16. I've been noticing that HP prices have been inching up for the past year. What used to cost $129 moved slowly up to $159, and now they're $189 in this area. I really don't think that it has anything to do with gas prices either -- just local competition (or lack of it) and demand has sent prices up. For me, it's too much, but... I want gas to go back to under $2 a gal., which will never happen.
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    Yes, we do grow guns from trees, but apparently hi-point doesn't grow well here. You'ld think more places would carry them, they don't stay on the shelf. A 450.00-600.00 *name your brand* could set for weeks. Hi-points move TODAY. I'm about to leave the house and see if I can't talk the guy down a worthwhile amount.
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    Try and talk him in to an extra mag or somethign to make you feel better about paying it.
  19. AnArmyofRon

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    I got it. Got him down to $170.00, so to speak. Both people working the store were just employees. I traded a beater of a .38 Taurus that I never shoot simply because I have a 6" .357 that sends the .38s down range more accurately. The gun was in fair shape at best. I had a S.O.G. multi-tool that I won in a raffle at a VFW a few years ago. The employee called the owner and told him what I had and what I wanted to do. "Trade him dead even". I got a good deal, that Taurus was garbage and Taurus doesn't even make parts for it because it was a pre-Taurus international dist gun. So it worked out. Thanks for the input. Range day tomorrow :D