c9 for conceal and carry ?

Discussion in 'CCW & Open Carry' started by fattie, Feb 22, 2008.

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    hi guys , im new here. tommorro im going to a gun show and sunday im taking my conceal and cary course. one of the guys at the show is going to have some high points and since this is all i can afford right now i think im going to purchase the c9.

    would this be an acceptable ccw ? any good holsters for it ? thanks
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    That gun is HUGE for concealed

  3. I think it would be ok for a carry gun. I know several people here carry theirs. My problem was finding a left hand holster for mine. Is there better guns to carry? Sure but if thats what you have and your comfortable with it then I see no problem with it. As far as being huge I don't think it is. Besides there are alot of people that carry full size 1911s. All that being said I bought another gun to carry.
  4. Couple of thoughts - first, welcome to the fold! This is your first post.

    Second - don't know you well....... so I'll only go by what you wrote and your post count.

    Many believe the C-9 is not too big to carry - see post above re: full size 1911. It comes down to how you are going to carry, where, etc. There are holsters that will work well with the C-9 and others here can provide that info. I don't carry a C-9 so don't need carry holster here.

    Input on carrying..... you need to qualify the gun before trusting your life with it. Many do carry C-9 with confidence - but do not trust your life with it till you put around 500 rounds through it, and a healthy dose of your carry ammo WITHOUT ISSUE! That means perfect. The C-9's take a few hundred to break in anyhow, and you really want to know when you'll need it, it will be there. I've been fortunate in that mine will eat anything - but some have found out that theirs won't, so you may have to trial a little bit. Key is - you're carrying for a reason - so be SURE!

    If you know all this already, please don't think I'm preaching - I went through this learning from others here, and I want to pass it along like was done for me.
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    Welcome to the Forum "Fattie". I personally carry the C9 occassionally and have no problem with it. Although you will have to find out which ammo it likes best before relying on it. Mine will not take the lead rounds for nothing. Everytime I tried using it jammed, would not feed right and failed to fire more times than I care to think about. Once you figure out what it likes you should'nt have any problems with it.
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    thanks for the help guys and the warm welcome. this morning at the gunshow i picked up the c9. as soon as i returned home i fired 20rds of remington umc 115gr ammo through it. the gun performed almost perfectly with only 1 minor jam. ( i think it was my fault )

    i really like it , the kick was minimal. im not sure on accuracy because i was shooting at a bullet-hole filled car door. but i hit the door every time from about 20 feet. pretty impressive for a brand new gun right out of the box.

    im not very experienced with handguns , ive only owned a jennings j22 (junk) and a polish 64 (also junk). the only gripe i have about the gun is the weight , but its not terrible.

    as for concealing , it shouldnt be to much trouble , im 5'11 and 250lbs so it should be simple. ive heard good things about uncle mikes holsters , what do you guys use for a holster ?

    one more thing , what ammo would you suggest for personal protection ? hollow points or ball ?

    tommorro im taking my carry and conceal permit course , wish me luck!
  8. Welcome to the forum and good luck with the CCW class.

    Watch out for Hi-Point-itus. Very Contagious. Major symptom is the driving desire to buy another Hi-Point and another Hi-Point and another Hi-Point and another Hi-Point and another Hi-Point and ...
  9. I can easily conceal a full sized 1911 OUTSIDE the wasteband. Dont let size scare you. Size will make it more difficult, but not eliminate most guns. I do not believe it is the best option out there, but certainly an option still. You must consider size, weight, capacity, and of course caliber, this is what makes it less appealing to me. Find the right holster and you'll be fine if that's what you want.
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    i think it will be fine for a ccw. i also went to walmart and bought one of the crossman air pistol holsters for 7 bucks and it works perfect and can even hold a spare mag. only thing i dont like is the way it latches.
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    Post some pics of that 7$ holster... my leo buddy made a comment yesterday at walmart that i should get one for my toy gun (he meant the c9)
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    When I carry my C9 I use a "Uncle Mikes" holster and it works pretty good. I no longer have the package or I would give you the model number. If I remember right it was only bout 20 bucks or so. Good luck with the class.
  13. What does this "conceal carry course" involve??
    Curious, because You mentioned that You are "not very experienced with hand guns". Conceal, Carry to me sounds like the person is shown how/where to hide a handgun on themselves. Shouldn't You get experienced first with handguns (different course), if this course does not cover this?
    IF it is covered in the course, then don't mind me. I'm just rambling on........
    (all the above are always My opinion/s; suggestion/s and not meant to offend anyone)
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    unfortunatly i dont have a digi cam , but the holster is well worth the 7$.
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    i believe the course consists of handgun safety and firing then a multiple choice test.
  16. fattie

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    i believe the course consists of handgun safety and firing then a multiple choice test.
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    In the same boat ... budget = Hi Point

    I have a Uncle Mikes shoulder rig (size 16) that conceals the C9 real good as well as the .45, and the Uncle Mikes Side holster (size 15) that fits snug but the thing sticks out unless I carry it about 10 or 2 oclock ... I haven't gotten around to getting a IWB but it would no doubt be much more "concealed" than the Side Holster's ...

    Oh yeah I got one of those fanny packs and it conceals / holds perfect but I sour the extra second or two it takes to "unzip".
  18. how does it latch? I will be going to buy one here in a couple of days, at least until I can afford a better one, and I was just curious. also is it a snap thumb break or velcro?
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    it snaps. good news!! i passed the course with a 100% , he even complimented me on my shooting. now just gotta goto the pd tommorro and put in my application for my cwp. it feels good passing with a perfect score.
  20. Congrats Fattie!!!

    I passed with a perfect score as well, it does feel good.