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    Got the grips from MOM the other day. They fit great & have a nice texture.
    Still not sure if I like them or not. I had originally thought I would paint the pistol to match the 995 ATI I did in FDE.

    Went to the range this morning, ran a box of Federal Aluminum case ammo through it without issue.

    At 7 yards using a rest, I put 5 rounds in the x ring. This gun is a much better shot than I am.

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  2. Were does your hesitation lie... just in the colors? Shape and texture are like regular grips or not...?

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    I think it's the stark contrast of the light colored grips with so much black.

    The grips are the same size, the texture is more like emery paper.

    This JHP is the color scheme I had in mind.

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    How much were they?

    Nevermind found it. $17 but if you are in Ohio you get hit with $1.19 tax like me. I had some spare change in my paypal account so I dropped $18.19 on a pair of the carbon fiber grips :)

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    I think they look pretty good.