C9 gun chemical combatibility for cleanup

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  1. rjmorel

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    I have a new c9 that is great. I'm wondering if any of the regular gun cleaning, lubing type sprays will harm them or dissolve the poly frame?
    What do you guys use to clean them up after a day on the range? thanks, rob
  2. I use WD40. It works fine, prevents rust and will not harm the poly frame.

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  3. Welcome to the forum dude!

    Oh, I use Foaming bore cleaner, Hoppes #9 and Break Free CLP on all of my guns. Works like a champ.
  4. hipoint.nut

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    CLP Brake Free works great but stay away from Gun Scrubber, it may melt the plastic.
  5. I've used Gun Scrubber with no problems, other than it _will_ melt undercoating, if you've used that to improve the grip. I've seen no effect on the polymer frame, however. (And Hoppes #9)