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    I've read some very positive reports from some of you enthusiasts out there who are really pleased with your C9. I think this gun would work well for me in the capacity of a "truck gun", yet I am reluctant to buy a weapon that I haven't shot. None of the ranges around here have one for rent. :(

    Just wondered if anyone in the San Antonio, TX area would be willing for me to accompany you to the range and allow me to send a few rounds down the pipe? I'll happily buy you a box of ammo for your trouble. Thanks!

  2. If I lived in San Antonio, I would gladly let you shoot my C9, for free, just so I could say that I had made a convert. If it were cost effective and possible, I would even ship you mine and let you try it out. But, alas, it is not meant to be for me to help. My apologies.

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    Broomhead, I appreciate the sentiments nonetheless.

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    Should you buy one any way. Just remember. They have a 300 to 500 round break in period and you should kind of over look problems it gives you until then.
    Mine shot the first 100 rnds fine. Next 150 like crap, and smooth as silk since then.
    Well over a thousand rounds now and no problems since that one 150 group.
  5. im to far away. :( but have two c9s.
  6. If you buy one and decide you do not like it, you could most likely post it for sale here and recoup the majority of your money.

    They are a good pistol, some come out of the box shooting great, others need a break in period and then are good shooters.

    You do have to keep limp wristing in the back of your mind with the Hi Point pistols.

    Good luck!
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    Naw, I've decided that I definitely want to fire a C9 before I plunk down the long green and buy one. I'm in no big hurry, and patience usually pays off somewhere down the line. I suspect that I'll find an enthusiast somewhere with a C9 that will be willing and able to help me in this quest.

    I appreciate each of you who has replied.

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    Well, shucks. Looks like there is no one interested in this area. But, it didn't hurt to ask...

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    Still in hopes...

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    If you can't find one to shoot before you decide to buy you can get one for 99.95 from S.O.G. plus shipping and transfer fee, of course.
    The item number for the C-9 is #HIPT-00916
    There are plenty of FFL dealers that do low priced transfers, you should be able to find one close to you through this search.
    Depending on the transfer fee the FFL dealer charges, you probably can buy one for less than $140 NIB by ordering directly, if you choose that route. I know a guy that does $15 transfers, and it is a good way to go.
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    SOG never has them in stock. They don't have half the stuff in their catalog in stock.
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    Maybe I should switch gears...

    I was at a gun show this morning and looked at some Hi-Point guns. Neither of the two dealers I visited (of those who had HP guns) had a C9 there. But I did fondle and squeeze on a couple .380., 40., and .45 guns.

    Since I am already reloading .45 ACP for my Ruger P345, perhaps it would be a better choice for me to get the Hi-Point .45 to serve as a truck gun. I have a friend who urges me to get a .40 as my next acquisition, though his is not a HP. (I think it's a Glock; not sure.)

    I think the whole thing for me is that before I buy one, I'd enjoy seeing a HP of some caliber go through its paces, as well as to shoot it a few times. If any reader in the San Antone area has a HP .40 or .45 that would let me join you for a bit of range time, I would be much obliged. Thanks!

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    good luck in your search I love my HP 45
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    I thought I'd bump this one to the top one more time...