C9 Jammed Right Out Of The Box

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  1. MrBrooks908

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    I went to the range with my brand new c9 and it jammed within 3 shots... had to send it out to be fixed :(
  2. bkcraun

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    New guns do require a "break-in" period. Some more than others. Were you using good ammo?

  3. How many shots did you fire and how many jams did you have?

    Its not uncommon for the pistols to have some jams at first, you always hope it will happen to the other guy, but sometimes it happens.

    If its not too bad but wont go away, most people polish the feed ramp and tinker with the feed lips on the mag and things get better. Lot of info here about how to do both.

    Good luck and let us know if it shoots better when you get it back.
  4. JMcDonald

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    My GF's Mossberg .22 Plinkster jammed several times on the first clip. In fact, from all the FTFs and especially FTEs I only shot 5 out of 10 rounds, heh. Throughout the day it slowly got better until you could actually rail through an entire clip without problems.
  5. i must be lucky. my c9 has worked like a champ. maybe yours needs a break-in.
  6. MrBrooks908

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    i used magtech and winster, i shot about 150 rounds. im going to get a 380 til my c9 comes back then im getting the 40 and 45
  7. Sounds like you are hooked too ;)

    Something to keep in mind, it gave me trouble at first with the bigger pistols, is limpwristing.

    You have to keep a stiff wrist, if you let the pistol flip up, it will possibly jam and that would be the cause, not the pistol.

    Thought I would mention that in case you have never had to worry about it before.
  8. You got that right! So many times you mention limp-wristing and the reply is: "but i have a very strong grip." Yes, maybe, but a strong grip doesn't help except to keep the gun in your hand. Your comment needs to be made into a mantra ("firm grip, stiff wrist") that is required to learn before buying/shooting a Hi-Point.
  9. The oil that the guns are shipped with is crap!! It is designed for storage, not use!! Clean it and lightly oil it with something like Hopps #9. It made a huge diffrence with my JCP 40. I also let the clips loaded for a couple of week, although it worked great after the first night. I never get jams any more. Also the guns have a break in period where you need to run a 100-200 at the very least if not much more!!! Good luck and don't lose heart, it is a great gun and you will love it, it just needs a cleaning and some food!!!!
  10. MrBrooks - some input. In the future if you have problems stop here first, before sending anything anywhere. The family is SO helpful and literally within minutes on most days and times you'll get input and help. Knowing these guns the way we do, it's pretty rare something needs to get returned - and I certainly would want to try a few things before sending my new baby back to the shop.

    You're sort of new here judging by your post count - trust me, there is no better forum you'll find. We all believe in each other and make it our mission to help. Good luck on your quest and let us know how it goes.
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    i definitely agree with leaving the magazines loaded for a while. mine would jam once every magazine or so at first. i left the mag loaded and it subsided, but had the same problem with new mags. i gave them the same treatment and now all is well. .02
  12. My C9 jammed right out of the box also. So did my Dad's. Now, though, after about 500-600 rounds mine is smooth as buttah.
    1. Beware of limp-wristing. This fixed 85% of my problems right off. I'm a new gun owner and had never fired a handgun before. It's not all about the grip, it's about keeping your wrist and forearm rock solid.
    2. Store your mags loaded. Some say to only do it at the beginning, I try to do it all the time. This solved another 10% of my issues.
    3. Keep your gun clean and well oiled. That's why they sell all those products.
    4. Send a whole lotta ammo down the range. This solved the other 5%. A malnourished gun will never shoot properly. It's been said, but these guns have a break-in period. For some it's 200-300 rds, for others, like me, it was closer to 500-600rds.
    5. Don't get discouraged and send it back at the first sign of trouble. You will not own a gun, it will always be 'on loan' to the shop.
    6. Ask any and all questions here. The only stupid question is the one that goes unasked.
    7. Take pride in your HiPoint. It is not the 'Saturday Night Special' that gun snobs claim it to be. It is a high-quality firearm at an affordable price. BTW, HiPoints guns DO have feelings, they know when they are being talked about behind their backs or treated badly.

    Hope this helps.

    BTW, I don't know your level of knowledge with firearms, therefore, I am not trying to talk down to you in anyway. I'm just trying to help.
  13. One more to add to Broomhead the Younger's list is when shooting the first few times, remove 2 rounds from the mag. This will help during those first few shooting trips.
  14. Very good tips, this would make a good "before you send your new pistol back" sticky
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    Thanks for all the help guys ill keep these things in mind, i might be getting a 380 or 45 this week. im getting mu buddy a 380 for his birthday.. ill keep you guys posted.