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  1. Hello all,

    I have a C9 and have put probably 1,000 rounds down the pipe with nearly zero issues. However today I took it to the range and it failed to fire on over 75% of the rounds. I've never had that many issues! I was finally able to get all 200 rounds I brought to the range to fire, but most had to be fed through multiple times. There were firing pin indentions on the back of the failed rounds. I assume the issue is the firing pin was striking light. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

    Ammo used: Tul Ammo and Monarch Steel.

    Does anyone have an email address for the customer service department?

    Thanks in advance!

  2. cicpup

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    Is your firing pin bent or broken?

    Are your firing pin springs entangled?

    These are the two leading causes.

    Forget email. Call them if need be. Numbers are on their web site.

  3. The firing pin is not bent or broken.
    I'll disassemble it tonight and check the springs.

  4. cicpup

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    While you're in there, clean and lube it. Especially the FP channel and the little hole it pokes out of.
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    I had the same issue this passed tuesday, disassemble when I came home cleaned streched out the firing spring reassemble, called mom, new firing pin and spring on the way, went back to range wednesday(yesterday) no problems, so obvious the spring must of been the issue.
  6. I took it all apart last night and the 2 springs on the firing pin assembly were tangled up. While it was apart I cleaned and lubed the entire thing. I'm going shooting again today and we'll see if the issue is resolved.