C9 Longslide 8" barrel. Any takers?

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who would want an 8" barreled C9 Longslide?

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  1. Yes, please make one Hi-Point!

  2. NO, leave it alone.

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  1. griff30

    griff30 Member

    I want to say thanks to all who posted mod pics for which I cannot take all credit. I just made the barrel 8" in the pic for accuracy, and controllability. [​IMG]
  2. way too long, the c9 already top heavy can't imaging an 8" barrel will do to c9's balance.

  3. griff30

    griff30 Member

    You should try shooting my DanWesson 44 mag with 8.5 " barrel and aimpoint scope.....
    Maybe at least a 6" barrel. I like the C9 but man 4" barrel?!? That's a snub nose in my book.
  4. Have you guys shot, carried, or held a C-9? That modification would make the thing way too heavy. It is heavy enough as a 4 inch.
  5. griff30

    griff30 Member

    To each their own? I have freaky large arms so it won't bother me.
    My Dan Wesson weighs 9 lbs. A longer barrel doesn't mean it has to weigh a ton though.
  6. neothespian

    neothespian Member

    My question would be this:

    Would a 9mm round have enough energy to cycle the action of a blowback pistol with a slide assembly that large and heavy without constant feed issues?
  7. griff30

    griff30 Member

    Glock 34. http://www.glock.com/english/glock34.htm
    from the site : " GLOCK 34

    Tactical / Practical

    Obtaining the greatest accuracy for target
    engagement was the decisive reason for the
    development of the GLOCK 34 with extended barrel,
    greater slide dimensions and long distance between the
    sights. This highly-accurate pistol has found widespread
    use as a competitive pistol for IPSC. "

    Length (slide) 8.15 inches
  8. why would the slide be that heavy?? they could design it to weigh the same as now and what a gun that would be :lol:
  9. Ari

    Ari Guest

    The glock is not a blowback action
  10. griff30

    griff30 Member

    Well the Astra 400 was blowback in 380 and 9mm. [​IMG]
  11. Well, this is a bit long for my tastes, and several peeps have already added their $.02, but an added thought: The slide wouldn't have to extend as far as barrel, thus cutting weight. The frame and slide could be sized appropriately, with a lengthy barrel extension.

    I might be interested in +-6", but this is a bit much.
  12. neothespian

    neothespian Member

    But the Astra's slide was no where near the weight of the C9's slide, if in it's "longbarrel" configuration.
  13. Kyu

    Kyu Senior Member Member

    Uhm... dems ugly...
  14. neothespian

    neothespian Member

    I dunno... I kind of like the Astra. Very art-deco and you can tell it was designed by a nobleman from the era. VERY trendy for the time it was built. Many swear by them even if the controls are a pain to use with the rounded slide.
  15. Yes I like the longslide better, accuracy would improve a lot. And 9mm, that's a great combo.
  16. reaHP

    reaHP Guest

    I would like to see a non-compact 9mm, but I'm not sure I would want an 8" barrel. that might be a little long for a semi-auto. It would end up being as big as a desert eagle.
  17. BSK

    BSK Guest

    that looks huge but good... wonder how to conceal that one
  18. I said no, because the C9 is the compact model. Hi Point needs a compact model as does every gun manufacturer. I really like my C9 and wouldn't change a thing about it.
  19. GrOuNd_ZeRo

    GrOuNd_ZeRo Gun Fanatic Member

    I think the slide could be reduced in weight to be that aproximently of the C-9 by reducing the width of the slide (esspecially the front part).

    I'll make a design based on the long-slide C-9

    I voted yes because the more the merrier :D
  20. It would work if the slide was made longer but had the same weight of the original length slide. The slide only has to be a certain weight to make the action cycle properly. The advantage to a longer slide along with the barrel is the longer sight radius which further eliminates parallax. Aside from accuracy, the longer barrel will also permit slightly higher velocities.