C9 mag spring adjustment (figured I post it caliber specific)

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  1. (Originally from the JHP 45 feed thread)

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    I don't know about those mags but I was having a problem with nose dive ftf I tweaked the mag and still had the issue. I fixed the issue by cutting down the mag spring by two links. Not that I'm recommending you do this and I'm not responsible if you need your mag up but it worked for me.

    So I found out something else interesting today messing with my C9 mags. I was qualifying for my carry permit yesterday, and I had a few FTF's through 50 rounds. I tweaked the lips a couple weeks ago, and still have had the problem infrequently. So, I went to YouTube again for some other advice and came back to this thread to read the above. When I took my two 10 rd and one 8 rd mags apart today, I noticed the spring was made differently than any other springs I have seen in multiple other guns. The top and bottom of my springs were finished on the same side. Noticing this, it made sense that having more coils on one side than the other caused an uneven balance of compression. This I gather is what causes a nose down feed to happen because factory install has the side with more coils toward the back of the mag. I tried turning the spring around to give more nose up but for some reason, the mag wouldn't load into the well. That not working, I did similar to what onelife did, but I only cut enough of the spring off to balance out the coils on either side. Feeds like a dream now. I can't think for the life of me why the makers would not see this simple physics problem and just make the spring coils equal on both sides from the factory. Maybe this will help others and thanks for the idea 'onelife' to take a look at the spring. I'm going to try this on a brand new mag, without messing with the lips at all, and see if it's as simple as a little spring trimming. I will post a follow up.