c9 mag sticking

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    I just purchased a used c9 w/ 3 mags. One of the mags releases fine but the other two release but only drop down about 1/2 inch and then you have to pull it out the rest of the way. Feels like they are getting caught on something. My 40 mags always fall right out when I hit the release.

    Any ideas?
  2. If one falls out and the other two don't it must be something with the mags, not the gun. Are the two mags that don't drop perhaps after-market mags, not hp factory equipment? i don't think all aftermarket accessories are neccessarily 100% compatible.

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    They look identical and I couldn't find any markings on them ( they don't say promag etc ).

    My c9 will release all of the mags some of the time, some of the mags all of the time but it won't drop all of the mags all of the time. : )
  4. I have the same prob I only have the original mag that came with my C9 sometimes it will fall out completely an other times it will only come out 1/2 inch like yours I know when empty the mag will fall out about 99% of the time and when full forget bout it