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A few months ago I purchased 2 10-round mags for my C9 at a gun show. I didn't ask but I have no reason to believe they weren't new. I paid $19 each if my memory serves me right. This last weekend I was going to do some shooting, so I grabbed my magazines and started to unload them (stupid Ohio law, no loaded magazines for a gun also present anywhere in the vehicle unless you have a CCWP).

I removed the first round from one of my 10-rd mags and the rest did not move up. I've had issues with all of my C9 mags ::) so I didn't think it was a big deal... until I discovered that the spring wasn't moving at all. I removed the rounds from the magazine by holding it upside down, and then I removed the 'shelf' which the cartridges sit on (what do you call it?), and the spring fell out. In multiple pieces.

So, long story short: my mag spring was completely rusted and snapped in multiple places. To my knowledge the mag had never gotten wet under my ownership. It was stored with a full 10 rounds in it as I've seen recommended to break in the spring.

Here are my questions: has anybody had this happen before? Does HP replace magazines under warranty? Do I have any recourse?

I'm seriously considering sending my C9 to "Mother" because of some accuracy issues which I think may lay in the barrel, and also hoping they'll fix the mag that I send with it. :( Any tips on how one goes about that would be really appreciated.

On a happy note, really glad to see the forums back up, complete with sweet new forum sw and theme!

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