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  1. invictus82

    invictus82 Guest

    I'm not sure if I want to sell this, but it sits in my safe and never really gets used. I have one c9 with three 8rd factory mags. The gun is in great condition, and has maybe 500 rounds through her. She behaves about like a hi point c9. I haven't had a flawless day at the range yet (ie, there has usually been one or two ftf's fte's etc). If someone is interested I would be willing to ship the gun to hi point myself, let them do their thing to fix whatever is wrong with it, and then ship it out to your ffl (or deliver locally--Eugene, OR) on my own dime. I have polished the feed ramp really well, and the barrel and chamber have been sanded and polished/treated for to a silver shine, making the gun a two-tone much like many of the other hi point hand guns on this forum. I would be willing to part with the gun, all three mags (4, if hi point gives me another one for the trouble of shipping it in for repairs) for about 125.00. Of course, I would ship for free. Anyway, Like I said, I'm not sure I want to sell, but am throwing this out there to see if there is any interest at all.

    To recap:

    1 Hi Point c9
    3 8rd factory magazines (maybe 4)
    I ship to Hi Point for a fix up (if it needs it and you want me to) on my dime.
    I ship it to you (ffl) on my dime.
    You pay me 125 dollars.

    Let me know if there is any interest out there.

    Oh yeah, I lost the ghost site, so that won't be included (unless it turns up somewhere).
  2. I think your gonna get alot of responses on this one. If you still have it in a few weeks PM me and let me know.

  3. gvachon

    gvachon Guest

    If you want to sell ill buy.
  4. invictus82

    invictus82 Guest








    Hopefully this worked. Anyway, these are the pics of the c9, the mags, and the trigger lock. Happy looking.
  5. pills

    pills Guest

    where are you located?
  6. invictus82

    invictus82 Guest


    I'm in Eugene, Oregon.
  7. billc

    billc Member

    Re: Location

    PM sent!
  8. s0b3

    s0b3 Member

    i'll take it if billc doesn't
  9. invictus82

    invictus82 Guest

    C9 SOLD

    The C9 is SOLD. Thanks to everyone who showed interest.
  10. Mordecai

    Mordecai Member

    damn, being grounded sucks, didn't have time during my sneaks on the pc to see this....
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