C9 or .380

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  1. perry23117

    perry23117 Guest

    i want to know wich has a smaller frame im intrested in getting a .380
  2. ralphb72

    ralphb72 Member

    They are the same size and the 9mm ammo is cheaper.

  3. mrgrinch233

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    I would suggest since they are the same size to go with the 9mm also. The ammo is alot cheaper. I bought a Bersa.380 thinking that it would be cheaper to shoot then 9mm and the ammo is more expensive than my .40SW ammo. The 9 is also a better round for defensive purposes.
  4. Strangerous

    Strangerous Member

    i bought the bersa with the purpose of carry... once the initial 300 rounds of proving to be reliable, it went on duty, and it isn't my plinking gun... If i had to do it over again... i'd have got the thunder 9... but hindsight is always 20/20.
  5. Kyu

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    I love my 380. However, as already stated, ammo can be a bit $$$ if you are just plinking with it. Now, that being said, it may be worth the extra buck or two for a box of ammo.
    First, determine who will be using the gun. Are you married? Have children old enough to use a weapon should the situation arise? My experience is that the recoil of the 380 is substantially less than the C9. This may make it a better gun for HD. If you are the only one who will be shooting it, then the point is moot.
    Secondly, are you gunna plink with it at all? If so, then C9 may be the way to go or you will forever be looking for the good bulk buys on ammo!
    Finally, shoot them both. Don't rely on what we say, try them in your hands and base your opinion on that.
    Regardless of which model you end up with, you will LOVE IT!

  6. Ari

    Ari Guest

    get the 9mm
  7. perry23117

    perry23117 Guest

    i am sry for the mix up i hasve a hp C9 and i love the gun to death do us part but i wanted to know if the 380 had a smaller frame but seeing as how they are the same ill just stick with the C9 what about the hp 40 cal
  8. perry23117

    perry23117 Guest

    is it a good gun to have sry
  9. Kyu

    Kyu Senior Member Member

    Ah. Well then, you should buy it anyway. Cause, uh, because it's what we do! Collect 'em all!
  10. i just sold my cf 380 in favor of the c9> I Am reloading now so it mad sence to consolidate my calibers. But Yes 380 ammo is alot more expensive than 9mm, and i like to play. Go with 9mm.
  11. ToddGray

    ToddGray Guest

    They're not Pokemon dude. But, yeah, multiple C9s would be awesome.
  13. Bought 2-50 round boxes of Blazer Brass 9mm today for $8.65 each. Bought one 100 round WWB of .380 for $29.?? at WalMart.

    The 9mm is substantially more powerful and cheaper. WalMart carries Remington HP ammo for a few dollars a box more, but the gap in favor of the 9mm remains.

    Since there's no size advantage to the .380, get the 9!
  14. madmedic5

    madmedic5 Guest

    get one of each- I am allways one firearm from being happy LOL
  15. I already have the C9 but am getting the .380 as well. I was thinking that it'd be more suited for my wife to shoot. The 9 kicked a little more than what she liked. Plus, once you have one, you have to have them all.
  16. Oh how true! The 380 your getting is about 8 miles from me.That is a good price.
    I just bought a 4095 in Penn. and didn't want to push my luck.
    I now have 3.Counting the comp's We both still have a few to get.
    Sure do hope your wife likes it.
  17. squeak_D

    squeak_D Guest

    If I could do it over I would have purchased the C9 first. As stated by another member the price difference on ammo (at Walmart). The .380 is a nice (not so little) pistol, but sweet Mary they're expensive to shoot with. $29 for 100rds of WWB at Walmart (YIKES!). I only bought a box of WWB for $29 at Walmart once, and will never buy it again. My .380 is now for home defense and that's it.

    On a side note..., (depends on how you handle a firearm ect), but there is a notable difference in the recoil between the .380 and the C9. If you're used to the C9, you'll probably laugh when you shoot the .380 :) Much lighter recoil. If someone is looking for a plinker for the wife, I wouldn't buy a .380 as you're just going to be spending considerably more for ammo. I know a lot of women that like to shoot .22's as the recoil is light and the ammo is freakin cheap (not as cheap as it used to be though as prices on all ammo is going up)

  18. My wife handled the C9 okay but didn't look "comfortable" with the recoil. Almost like she winced every time she pulled the trigger. I agree that a .22 would also be a good choice but a little out of the price range at this time. I've got a .22 revolver that's got a hair trigger that needs a little work to the sights. Basically, if I'm not home, I want a gun that my wife isn't afraid to use. The ammo may cost a little more but if she's comfortable using it, it's worth it to me.