c9 or 9comp

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  1. I see everybody loves their c9s. Why is that? Why not a 9 comp just to big?
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    The C9 is ugly enough for me.
    The C9comp is more ugly.

    Well that's my opinion....And yes it's BIG......

  3. I'm waiting on a C9 Comp if it ever comes in. Looks like one of those IPSC pistols in an ugly sort of way, but I like it. Just needs one of those huge frame-mounted scope mounts with a red-dot on top. That will complete the "speed gun" look.

    I like..big..comps and I cannot lie...

  4. I never could find a C9 comp locally so I just went for the C9. Plus they are sort of ugly.
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    is that part of the barrel that the compensator hooks on to threaded so you can put your home made sound suppressor on it too?
  6. No, the barrel sticks out an extra 3/4 inch and the compensator is held on with a compression screw on the bottom. It works like a pipe clamp. That's the best way I can describe it. You can remove the comp if you want to. That way you can see if it is making a difference or not.
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    Well, wouldn't be hard to thread. Not many guns that I've seen ready made for adding a sound suppressor.
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    Wizard brings up a good point. Hi-point is not listed in there production class list of guns on the IPSC website. I wonder what category the c9 comp would fit in. Since the compensator isn't functional, maybe standard. Any thoughts. I would like to see a hi-point going against $2000 pistols.
  9. i can never find a 9-comp around my area, let along a deal for it. i can ignore the ugly look but the little compensator weight too much and according to some own the effect is barely noticeable. after owning a c9, i don't think the recoil is necessary for adding a compensator.
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    I got mine to shoot.... I did not need a comp for that.
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    Can the comp be added to a c9 since it is removable? Just curious.
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    No, their regular 9mm with the compensator has an extended barrel that the compensator screws onto. Take the comp off and you have a great place to screw on a suppressor.
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    How hard would it be to find a suppressor and add it to a c9? It would be nice to reduce the noise down to the equivalent of a 22.
  14. I want one of the compensated 9s but have never seen one here. and we keep looking fo r it too.. got a c 9, a 380, a 40 and a 45 and even have a 995 carbine but cant find a 9 compensatied
  15. The guy who carries H-P here in spokane ran out of C9's. I bought the last one. ($162.17 OTD, the price just went up a few bucks in the last few weeks.) He's got a ton of Comp models though.

    I heard someone say the Comp model really does help with recoil in rapid fire... but other people say it barely does... I'm confused.

    Also, about what CG-49 Plankowner said about taking the comp off to see if it was working.... The barrel has holes in the top for gasses to escape and push the front down, thereby reducing the recoil. I don't think just taking off the outer shroud would automatically make it like a normal C9. I mean, the holes in the barrel are still there, right? or am i missing something?
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    I just wish they had a compensator version of the 45ACP.
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    I would like to shoot a comp to see what the difference is. Anyone in the greater DC area have one?
  18. I own a comp and like it. There are absolutely NO holes in the barrel. The barrel simply sticks out 3/4 of an inch further than the C-9. The compensator goes around the part of the barrel that is sticking out and tightens using an allen screw against the barrel.

    Here are facts about the comp:

    1. The barrel is longer to therefore the gun is more accurate. I will let you debate how much of a difference 3/4 of an inch makes, but it is technically more accurate.

    2. Yes the comp does make a difference with recoil. The difference is not huge, but it is still there. I took my comp off and tried it, and it was noticeable to me.

    3. The comp has a rail of the bottom. Another poster on the forum mentioned that .22 scope ring will fit the rail. He was right. It fits perfectly. Now all I have to do is find a light or laser that is 40mm that will fit inside that ring.

    4. The comp extends the gun by about 1.5 inches.

    4. I find it funny that people who own a Hi-Point call another HP ugly. Hello Kettle? This is Pot. You are black.
  19. oops, my mistake then. I think someone actually did drill some holes in their comp model barrel and i figured that that was normal.
  20. I wanted a comp but none of the shops around here carried them. I thought it looked cool and I wanted the longer barrel. I bought the C9 instead because that's all I could find. I'd like to see a comp version up close and hold it to see if it looks as good in person as it does on paper. I doubt I could talk the wife into another 9mm since I already have one but I'd give it a shot.