C9 or Kel Tec P11 For Car Gun

Discussion in 'CCW & Open Carry' started by FLA2760, Nov 19, 2007.

  1. FLA2760

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    Which of these would you put in your glove box /center console? :?:
    Thanks for your replies.
  2. I own both.... My keltec is my primary carry gun, but I do not leave it in the truck all the time usually it's on my person. I do however leave my C9 in the glove box as a back up gun. IMHO shooting my C9 is much more user friendly then my P11, but carrying concealed the keltec is my choice.

  3. neothespian

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    C9 makes for a great car gun. Small enough to be convienent in an auto cabin, but large enough to keep you from fumbling for it. To top it off, it's durable and just looks mean!

    Carried my C9 for over a year in my cab and it was perfect. Far better than lugging around the .357 Mag I had before in the duffle bag on the front seat.
  4. freedom

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    Currently carry a C9 in my console.
  5. A.C.P.

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    My kel tec P3AT is in my pocket almost all the time.
    The C9 is ALWAYS in the truck with extra, full Mag.
  6. MalcolmStone

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    Actually, I've currently got my Kel Tec P-11 in my center console in my car. Works pretty well for me. Drive to my destination, slip the P-11 in my waistband (it lives in it's holster in the car), and then put it back into the console once I get back home.

    Of course, I live in a good neighborhood and always keep my car locked. Plus, I have enough guns in the house to defend both myself and the car. :)

  7. not only that but its cheaper, you might even be able to get two c9's. if its just going be a gun you keep in the car why not get something cheap and reliable