C9 out performs XD9

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  1. I can't say enough about the consistant accuracy and reliability of my C9. This weekend my nephew and I went to the range, and my C9, once again, out performed his XD9. I was outshooting him and his "top of the line" gun mainly because his Springfield was having some issues (I'm not trying to say that he's a bad shot) ... it would only shoot 2 rounds before he had a malfunction of some kind (mostly FTE). He got so frustrated with it that he took it apart and started to clean it at the range. It seemed that carbon had caked up behind his extractor pin and was causing some issues. As soon as he cleaned it, he shot one hi-cap mag straight through, so it seemed the problem was solved. Then, it started to act up again. Maybe that wasn't it; maybe it was the mag. Oh, well... maybe he shoud get a C9 like mine so he knows that it'll go bang every time :)
  2. Congrats - a good day to make bets and win lunch it would seem!

    Another good example that proves the point perhaps - all guns are mechanical devices. Take care of them and as long as the basic design is sound, it should perform well - until it has a reason not to.

    I've been fortunate - if I were to shoot my XD versus my C-9 (either one of them), I'm certain I'd go broke buying ammo long before one of them lost.

    Keep up the good work!

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    the fte probly caused by low pressure or too light a bullet. i've seen that with several 9mm pistols, esp Sig.