C9 Paint....chipping???

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Pistols' started by neothespian, Oct 17, 2007.

  1. neothespian

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    Was cleaning the C9 since the outing (Hey I know I'm late on it but I've been sick) and was noticing what looks like chipping paint on the barrel of the C9.

    What's the deal?
  2. Uraijit

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    The deal is that the paint is chipping. :wink: It happens on a lot of them.

  3. elguapo

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    My JHP has the same thing going on as well. Nothing to prevent function. Some have polished thier barrels down to bare metal, looks nice, actually.
  4. Yeah. My brother thought my jhp was a pos because of paint chipping. I polished the barrel on my jhp and mycf 380 even though i only have 20 rds through it. Ill post pics later today.
  5. andrew241

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    Nice, I would like to see those.
  6. Yeah mine is chiping a little bit. I will prob just repaint it or polish it if it gets too bad.
  7. I think a how-to or tutorial is in order here! If anyone has the proper information and documentation (PICS :D) of their own personal experience with this "mod" please share. I think a polished barrel would look 8) pimp mcnasty to say the least...
  8. Yeah Im down I think that there should be a how to section on the site giving people instructions on how to do various things to their hi-points.
  9. I finaly go those photos taken of my JHP and CF-380.

    here they are.


    I also polished the feed ramps as well. Sorry for the photo quality. i couldnt find the digital, and had to use my camera phone.
  10. Ok :D I'm sold...please post a how-to and the materials you used, also does anyone know if this voids the warranty, I'll probably do it to the mags also...if I'm ok with the warranty issue.
  11. 1inthechamber

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    It doesn't void the warranty.
  12. From what i have been told in the past on the old board, it will not void the warranty. You do need to coat the barrel with a light coat of gun oil to prevent rusting. I first broke down the gun I used 400 grit sand papaer to remove the original powder coat. Took a while, but i didnt want to put any big scratches in the barrel. After that i used a dremel tol and a special bit. They make a kit for 13 bucks at wally word for cleaning and polishing. I used the bit with the polish already in it, and went to town. It should be noted that i did not seperate the barrel from the frame. After you HAve polished it to your satisfaction CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN. The compound gets everywhere. I removed the grips and gave everything a complete cleaning and lube job.
  13. Or, you could just stuff a bunch of cotton balls down the barrel and in the Mag well to keep the compound going into all the moving parts. It would be easier to clean that way. Just remember to remove the cotton from the barrel before re-assembly.
  14. I used my bore snake so the barrel was a snap. I used a piece of an old t shirt in the mag well, but polish still got everywhere.
  15. Jokey

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    Keep the paint from chipping

    Personally I like the powder coating on the steel barrel. Makes it more weather resistant.

    The reason that the sides of the barrel can get burnished is because the slide rubs it when recoiling. I have gently polished the slide where it goes around the barrel and it stopped the wear on the barrel.
    Your Jokey