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I have a variety of 10 round mags plus the original 8 round for my C9. The only clip which has ever fired 100% is the 8 rounder. I fairly recently put on a new grip wrap for my C9. Need to trim it as it appears to interfere with the lock as it hangs down over the bottom of the grip, preventing the magazine from securely locking. Aside from that issue, I still consider my 8-round clip to be 100% as I never had problems before the grip wrap. Besides, it sometimes seems to force the clip out of the grip so its safe to say it does need to be trimmed.

As for the ten round clips, I finally had time to adjust them. Some of them I inherited from my buddy who has the HP380. Needless to say, none of the 10 rounders had previously feed well for me. After a little playing I now have all of my ten round clips feeding. I have two feeding 100% (I think; more shooting required to confirm) and all are feeding pretty well now. I'm absolutely sure a little more tweaking will yield a 100% feed like that of my eight round clip on the remainder of my ten round clips.

I now have ~two thousand rounds through my C9. Contrary to the HP ney-sayers, the weapon does not wear out in a couple thousand rounds. Contrary to the HP ney-sayers, the weapon fires accurately and reliably so long as the clips are properly adjusted and seated. I have cleaned the weapon once and have performed a $0.99 trigger job on it. The weapon now shoots better than it has ever shot and no longer fatigues/hurts my trigger finger - thanks to the trigger buff/polish job.

Its difficult to not have a negative word for HP-haters because they are so clearly closed minded, biased, ignorant, and snobbish. It is often true you get what you pay for. I supposed it is true with the HP C9 - but not in the way people typically believe. Simple fact is, the HP is not a highly refined, high preceision weapon; but that doesn't mean its a bad weapon. The simple fact is, the C9 is an accurate (more accurate than most shooters) and reliable weapon, if utilitarian in fit, feel, weight, and function. Simply put, the C9, while unrefined, is a damn good weapon and anyone that says otherwise, at best, is a snobbish fool.

And now the clip adjustment secret! :cool2:
What you need to do is fully load your clip. Lock the slide back and insert your clip in the weapon. Look into the weapon and observe the position of your round. If the round is at all pointed down additional adjustment on the front of the clip's lips are required. If rounds are scratched and clawed by the clip's lips as they are ejected (by hand or cycled through weapon), additional adjustment in required slightly farther back on the clip's lips. When properly adjusted, the rounds should sit *slightly* nose high or level. From there, 95% of a clip's adjustments are complete. Once you're here, you'll need only to make slight adjustments to the front of the clip's lips until it cycles 100%.
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