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Hi all.

Story starts out me buying a Corba derringer .38 special long barrel

Which I will briefly review

Trigger pull...horrendous


reliablility..well the bottom barrel NEVER fired.

I had bought it at a gun show from a local dealer, who was kind enough to return it for cash or credit. His thought was the bottom barrel never fired because I was using Fiocchi ammo with hard primers...could be true but I was happy to get rid of it either way.

So traded for a C9, picked up 2 extra 8 round mags and 150 rds of Winchester White box 115gr jacketed solid points.

I had briefly cruised this forum the night before, I had heard good here, some good on other forums and ALOT of bad reviews attributted to "friend of a friend".

At any rate I loaded up the mags last night, 8 rounds each. I had read that some people have problems with full mags but I'm not going to be cautious..I wanna know what it does or doesn't do!

Get to the range, 7 yards and carefully go through the first mag. All went low and to the left which is odd for me as I tend high and right. No failures, no feed issues.

I adjust the elevation on the rear sight pop in the next mag and now I am LOWER and to the left..oops. Again no problems

3rd mag, sights readjusted both for elevation and windage first shot bullseye!

Yep the grinning starts

Blow off the rest of the mag Reload the mags, target is pretty chewed up so I pull out my Berretta .22 cal bobcat (tomcat?...the 21A) 40 Grain federal HV solid points jacketed.

Pretty sure the first shot was slightly high and right as usual. Failed to fully eject the round sitting right on top of the round trying to feed, pulled out the spent casing and the rest of the mag went fine.

2 more mags through the Beretta, 3 more faliures...but I am hitting pretty close to the bullseye

Cease fire called, changed target and continued Hi point first

3 mags fully loaded no failures no problems, and discounting 2 flyaways everything in a 5-6 inch circle...including the flyaways everything in a 10 inch circle. The flyaways were ME not the gun...I still have an occasional blink problem that I'm working on.

3 more beretta mags, 1 failure


I shot 100 round through the Hi point and had ZERO issues

I shot 120 Rounds through the Beretta with 6-7 failures ...which for that gun with now 2000 rounds through it is actually the best it's EVER done for me. If I didn't have the Hi point with me I would have considered the Beretta to have worked very well today.

When I left this morning I fully EXPECTED to have at least 2-3 problems with the Hi point and would have called that pretty good. Every semi auto I have ever taken to the range has always had at least 1 issue. New guns I expect more issues.

The Hi Point had none!

There are a few things I don't like about it. It has no double action, so if one does fail to fire you can't just pull the trigger again. Of course so far I haven't needed to!

The thought of the firing pin being used to eject a live round is still a bit unnerving to me.

It's topheavy..that just takes getting used to

The slide moves...well weird. It's not a sharp quick jar back, there is time to feel the whole slide move and kinda Cha-chuck as the weight shifts to the back. It an odd sensation compared to most

I really went in to this gun kinda indifferent, I wanted something cheap to maybe keep in my Jeep.

I didn't love it when I bought it, and was only mildly excited about taking it to the range....there is a bit of a stigma about Hi points if you haven't heard.

Well if I wasn't thrilled before I sure am now.

Zero failures and probably the best accuracy of any handgun I've shot so far
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