C9 rounds nose dive

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    When I shot my c9 for the first time today I noticed the first round nosedived it was a little difficult it get it to chamber but the gun fired every round afterward. I am wondering if I should mess with the mag lips or leave well enough alone. Thanks in advance :)
  2. After loading the mag, slap the back of it against your palm to help seat the rounds. Also, make sure to load cartridges all the way to the rear of mag. I had the exact same problem. The cartridge should follow the same angle as the mag feed lips - when the mag is inserted in the gun, the round will be level at 90 degrees. My C9 has 438 rounds fmj fired, for 3 fail-to-feed and 5 double-feed malfunctions. I've done nothing to mine other than spray cleaning with Rem Oil after shooting. I love my C9 - happy shooting! :D
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    That is exactly how mine is with certain ammo. Some ammo the bullet is a little longer and hits the last shot hold open tab as the magazine is inserted. It pushes the nose down and makes it harder to rack the slide. But like yours still feeds fine after that. I only use Remington umc 115gr now as the rounds are a tad shorter. And it works flawlessly. Tulammo steel case also loads great. Had issues with perfecta, cci blazer and Remington hp.
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    I have a few questions?
    1) Was the gun NEW? You only mention it was YOUR 1st time shooting the gun.
    2) Did this happen with more than one magazine? How many other magazines do you have?
    3) How many different brands of ammo, reloads did you try?
    4) Do you have any previous experience shooting semi-auto hand guns.
    5) Did this problem happen when someone else fired the gun?
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    Gun is brand new. Only have the one mag. I have shot several semi autos. The problem is not bad it just happens when I seat the mag the first round nose dives but I can still get it to chamber. After I get the first round to chamber I have zero issues. I think that the piece that retains the magazine hits the rounds causing said issue. But I have no clue
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    And it did it to my friend
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    My 1st step would be to try another magazine. You can order from MoM the 8 round for $15 & 10 round for $18 FREE shipping. If the problem stops, it's the magazines. If the problem persist it's probably the gun. You can always use an extra magazine? HP has a holster & 10rd magazine combo for $35. If it's the gun, then I would call MoM.