C9 size?

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  1. The nearest HiPoint retailer is an hours drive away...in a direction I haven't been in almost a year. So I've never handled one of these. Read the reviews and like what I'm hearing but was wondering if anyone can give me some thoughts on the general size of a C9?

    I have a 1911A1 .45 and a Ruger Mark II .22 so I'm familiar with pistols but not sure just what size the C9 is. I guess in comparison to other firearms is what I am asking. Thinking about one for a truck/CCW gun.
  2. the .40/.45 is close to the dimensions of the 1911's although a hell of a lot fatter....length versus hight is close though...hope this helps...don't own a C9 or I'd measure one for you and compare it to other firearms...

  3. Definitely looking at the C9. Don't really need a larger pistol as I have the good ol' 1911A1 for anything I'd need a fullsize .45 for. Wish HiPoint made a compact .45 though.

    Here's a few pic's of my C9 and a few other handguns I own, this will give you and idea about the size of the C9.

    Ruger 22/45, Davis P380 and C9

    Makarov, C9 and Bersa Thunder

    Bersa Thunder, C9 and Makarov

    C9, NAA Mini and Taurus PT22
  5. Hey thanks, especially the rear view. :D

    So general size of a Mak but maybe a bit wider?

    Do you carry it ever?
  6. My CCW is a Taurus PT111 Millennium Pro 9mm, prior to that I carried the Makarov. When I make a quick trip to the store in the hot summer months and wearing nothing but t-shirt and shorts I carry the Taurus PT22.

    I dont carry the C9 because the above pistols are more suited for CC. I do keep the C9 in the glove box or console when going out to places that are off limits for CCW's. I also carry the C9 when I hunt because if it gets damp or wet from misty mornings I dont have to worry about it rusting up on me before I can get back home and clean it.

  7. I cc my c-9 unless i have to dress lightly, then i carry a smaller gun.
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    i hadnt realized the C9 was that size.. its not really all that big at all.. thicker than typical yes.. but not really the brick ppl say they are.

    impressive. id get a C9 if/when i buy another HP.
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    If you plan to carry the C9 conc. I suggest something like a Fobus holster. Padded nylon holsters really add to the bulk of the C9. I have a nice nylon holster for my C9, and .380 but boy I'd never try to conc. one personally. I guess if you're a larger person you may get away with it, but when I tested it out...., it looked like something was growing from my hip under my shirt. It was SO obvious that I had something there.

    I like the HP's, but personally I don't think they're really a good choice for conc. carry. I've open carried them on numerous occasions though. I just bought a CZ 2075 RAMI for conc. carry.
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    Hey Rimfire,
    do you have a better photo of that Mak? It looks nice. Where is it from?
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    I don't carry concealed, that's not legal in my state, but my C9 fits perfectly in a Military covered holster.
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    What state would that be? Sounds like it is time to move.
  13. Wisconsin, Hawaii or Illinois.....