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  1. Alright ladies and gentlemen, I want to pick y'alls brains a bit. I just bought a C9 yesterday and after getting it home I noticed 2 things I didn't like. First, when emptying a magazine, I saw that the slide catch (forgive me if my terminology is off) didn't stop the slide far enough back for me to engage the safety lever. I had to push it back farther to do so. Second, when I got home, I went to disassemble it to give it some good oil before breaking it in and found that the slide release pin was still slightly covered by the safety notch when it's locked back. Has anyone else noticed this, and has anyone found a way to tweak the gun so that the slide locks back farther? Thank you for your responses. I can deal with this, but it's kind of annoying and if there's a fix, I'd like to try it.
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    Well the pin in the back all c-9 and 380s are like that. Kinda annoying but manageable. Some people take a dermal tool to the notch but I would say from reading the forums most deal with it. As for not being able to lock the slide back I would say put some rounds down range and after it breaks in a little the springs should settle a little. If that didn't help I would say send it back to mom. Unless you feel comfortable tweaking things.

  3. Thanks for the input onelife. I've only run 50 rounds through it just after I bought it to get the feel. I'll put a couple hundred through it and see what happens. Not to knock the Hi Point techs, but I talked to one about it and he said quote "just pull the slide back farther to lock it." That was kind of funny to me. Seems to me like it should already retract far enough to engage the locking lever. BTW, do you happen to carry a C9 or 380. I got the C9 to conceal and am wondering if it's a lil cumbersome or manageable?
  4. Oh, and I'm new to the handgun scene... ish. Used a Beretta in the Army, but that was it. Please tell me, what is MoM short for? Keep this between us :D (sarcasm since it's a public site)
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    The hold open is just to be able to swap mags, there is no need to engage the safety lever into the hold open slot when the magazine hold open is already engaged. As for the disassembly pin, they are all like that. You can file or dremel the back side of the slot if it bothers you or you can just use a thin wedge of anything (like the hipoint tool) behind the safety lever to get enough clearance.
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    I have a c9 and the 380 comp. I use the c9 to for my carry and I'm currently in the army. This is my first pistol too. I got a cheap black hawk inside the waist band holster for 12 bucks and with the 8 round mag and a well fitting shirt you can hardly see it and that because I'm looking for it. With the 10 round it sticks out a little farther but not bad. Just don't bend over to pick anything up lol.
  7. Thanks pan and one; appreciate the replies greatly. I will just deal with the pin/slide issue, I found a 3/32" punch instead of an 1/8" one works alright. And like the response about the carry 'one'. I bought 2 10 round mags for capacity, but since you recommend using an 8 round mag, I will use that. 8 is more than enough for a sticky situation if needed unless you're in the wrong place at the wrong time. Then you're pretty much screwed no matter what you have. And 'one', from one transitioning Soldier to an active one, thanks for making the decision to serve. Where are you stationed? I've been at Campbell for 9 yrs.
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    I drive past Fort Campbell about every other week on my way from Nashville to Western KY. I wave as I go by on Monday ;)
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    I'm at Fort Stewart ga. Been here almost 5 years
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    MoM = Maker or Manufacturer
  11. Thanks Macho, that has cleared up my puzzled look every time I see that acronym. And nice 'one'. You're close to my brethren of the "Special" kind.

    That's very kind of you pan. Just don't stop to give the guy outside the main gate any cash though. He looks rough, but honestly, that dude probably makes more than most of us do lol ;)
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    Hoping Someone has dealt with this issue, I'm working with a C9 for a friend, I would say this firearm has about 100 rds through it, after I disassembled it, and a good cleaning I noticed a non manufactured "hole",
    this hole is in the slide that houses the firing pin, dead center and about an 1/8 inch from the end. has anyone ever encountered this before? customer service isn't answering so I thought I would try here.

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  13. Sent it back to Mom. But take a pic and post it here first.
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    I am under the impression that the "safety notch/roll pin access" notch was placed where it is, is so that if the roll pin ever got too loose, it would not work itself out of the frame. If the notch was directly over the roll pin, the roll pin could potentially work itself out and get hung up in the notch during firing the pistol.
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    That's a relatively sound assessment. Even if that wasn't the official reason, it's still a valid one.
  16. Valid, I agree. But the thing is, wouldn't that be true on all their handguns? My 45 has a role pin that easily accesible with the slide locked back. I think it may have just been an oversight. Just my opinion, not saying anyone is wrong. Only Hi-Point knows for sure.
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    I called about the same thing and the tech told me it's nothing to worry about. But I would call them again so you don't have to take my word for it.
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    NE Utah
    No, it isn't. I wish people would quit saying that, it was a wrong guess that stuck, because people keep repeating it.

    Mom is the factory, but we call it mom not as the acronym suggested, but because, back in the day, if you called them, Shirley Deebs, the owners wife, answered the phone. You literally talked to, or sent your gun back to, mom.

    We called it mom for years before that other silly idea cropped up.;)
  19. Awesome ajole, thanks much. I hope people read this and catch on. Makes a lot of sense, considering Maker and Manufacturer are the same d*mn thing..... pretty close a least.