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    I'd like some opinions about getting the slide of my C9 nickel plated. A friend said he would do it all for free including removing the powder coating.

    Also, after taking the slide off, what do I need to remove from it before I give it to him?
  2. I dont think this would be a problem because I have seen Davis, Raven and Jennings hand guns with a mirror like nickel finish and they are also made of a zinc alloy type metal.

    Remove the rear sight, extractor pin, extractor and spring then it will be ready for your friend to work on. Make sure you use the correct size pin punch to drive the extractor pin out, and go easy with it, that way you can re-use the same pin when the slide is returned.

    If you do think make sure you post lots of pics in the Photo Section of the forum. I am not a big fan of nickel finishes on guns, or other bling for that matter, but would like to see how it turns out.

  3. Also, I'm sure your friend knows this, but make sure to mask all holes, threads, and all critical surfaces. Including, but not limited to, the bearing surface where the slide joins the frame. Adding a few thousands of an inch of coating here or changing the wear material may be exstreamly determental.
  4. what size pin punch is require for HP?
  5. oldnoob,

    I am not sure of the pin punch size used on the extractor pin because I have never taken my extractor off the slide. You should be able to get a pin punch set that has every think you need relatively cheap.
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    i got a punch set from harbor freight for like 8 bucks has like a dozen punches in it.. you can get more selective 3 and 5 piece sets for < 5

    when pushing the pin out i usually take a hammer and give it lots of light taps.. rather then a big smack like you're driving a nail. that way you can check your progress and if somethings not right stop before serious damage happens.

    i'd also like to get my slide nickel plated.. not sure where a good place to get that done is.. needs to be fairly cheap also.
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    Nickel Plating would look great on the slide. But it would be a really long process, I mean disassembly of ur pistol then the slide would have to be sandblasted not to sure of the nickel plating process. And how long it would take .
    Maybe one day Hp will offer a nickel plated slide series i wouldnt mind shelling out a few extra bucks for one[/img][/list]
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    i would'nt be to worried about taking it apart.. it seems like a very simple design to me.. a punch set and a hammer should do the trick.

    i wanna paint my frame anyway, and maybe do something with the barrel, so in my case anyhow i figure im killing 2 or 3 birds with one stone.