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  1. I finally got out to the range today for the first time since I got my C9 for Christmas. A good time all around, my brother is in from New York (he's in the Coast Guard, but getting out soon) so I went with him, his wife, and my father. We took two 12 gauges (his new mossy 500 pump and my dad's old mossy side by side), my C9, Davis P-380, and Remington 597, and my dad's Springfield 22 rifle and H & R 22 revolver. Lots of lead down range.

    Now to my question, during rapid fire it seemed that the 7th round would stovepipe in the chamber. The first 6 would fire flawlessly, then the 7th would jam. Not always but more often then not (and not due to limp wristing). I did bend the feed lips of the mag when I got it so it would cycle by hand with no problems so I might have opened them a little too much. Anyone have any ideas why this might be happening? Also it's not the spring because I let it sit for a few weeks full to break it in, and when it did stovepipe, I'd load the same round back into the mag and fire the last 2 rounds and they'd go with no problem. Thanks in advance for any info.

    Also for anyone curious about the Davis P-380, it's an older gun but the first time I've been able to shoot it. It preformed flawlessly with both round nose and hollow point ammo, no complaints there. I was kind of surprised that it kicks a little more than the C9, gotta be the smaller frame. It stays on the nightstand with hollow points in it for the time being since I don't have hp 9mm yet.
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    Stovepipe Round C9

    What kind of ammo did you use? My C9 use to continuously jam tip up on the 7th round as well (w/ 8 round magazine). I was using the Winchester 115g FMJ (brass casing). I called Hi Point, and they told me to try different ammo 1st.
    I bought some steel cased ammo, and have since pumped hundreds of rounds through it, and it feeds flawlessly.

  3. Thanks for the reply, I'll try that next. I was using wwb from wally world, hopefully that's the problem.
  4. I have called the hi point factory twice to get answers from more than one person, and they both said that winchester will jam so don't use it. After that I still started a thread on here about the ammo and MANY say that is all they shoot and have no problems. So it seems to be different from one C9 to the next. Polishing the feed ramp may help also.
  5. I have 4 mags total for the C9. Two of them feed flawlessly everytime. The other two nose up on the last round/second to last round. Seeing this, I know my issue is mag related and not ammo. I've never shot anything else other than WWB for all my target shooting. I did run one mag of Fed Hydro's thru both the C9 and JHP just to make sure they fed right and there was no problem with that stuff (better not be at $20 a box). I'm gonna mike the good mags and compare them with the "not so good" mags and see what kind of difference I get. Also, I haven't done any edge cleaning on any of the mags so I might try that as well...never give up hope!!!