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    A little disclaimer, I DO NOT claim to be an expert on handguns, nor do I claim to be a technical guru. My experience with firearms was mostly M16 in the Army, and a 45, I was told to save one bullet, because if I needed the handgun, use the last bullet on myself. Hopefully I hit all areas of importance

    I Picked up my new S&W today, and immediately turned around and did a side by side comparison to my Hi Point, 250 rounds through each gun, 100 rounds winchester, 50 rounds blazer, 100 rounds of the ranges ( factory reload).

    One thing I was amazed and surprised, the new S&w did not have any FTF or jam, as in zero

    The big question, which is the better weapon I would trust my family well being too ? ( sorry this may be long, but with all the great advice I got here, want to try and be complete)

    Appearance - For those that care about this, yeah, gotta give it to the S&W, its damn sexy, I don't mind the look of the Hi Point, but the S&W looks hot.

    Ergonomics - This was a split decision, my girlfriend liked the S&W best, I preferred my Hi Point. The S&W is considerably lighter, but the Hi Point fit my particular hand size better, and for me, I liked the more solid feeling. Reality, they are almost identical in size when placed one on top of the other. I felt like the c9 was more back to my hand, where as the S&W felt more forward

    Trigger - To be fair, the S&W is new, the C9 has 2000 rounds through it. Even with one being new, both triggers felt smooth to me ( I have not fired any firearms that could be considered high end to compare too) I had no issue of gritty feeling. I give the HI point the edge for one reason, the length of pull and the break. The S&w felt considerably longer, but it did feel more solid and doesnt have the slight wobble my c9 does

    Price - Hi Point c9 ( $179 ).....S&W sd 9 ( $369)......although price does not determine value, The S&W does come with 2 10 round mags, the C9 1, 8 round.

    Lock n Load - I use an upalula, so, loading is no issue, to rack a round, the S&W was very stiff compared to the C9, this could be just break in, but it was pretty noticeable that I thought about it.

    ***Shooting - Here is where the differences became more apparent.****

    Recoil - compared to my Hi Point, the S&W caught me by surprise a little on the recoil, I definitely felt it was hard to bring back on target, there is a very noticeable kick to the S&W, I noticed, unless I really slowed my firing down, my shots were all over the place, I had to seriously concentrate on stop and breathe, but the kick did wear on me over time, my girlfriend also noticed she felt more comfortable shooting more rounds through the hi point.
    Hi Point, I could get the follow up shots off quicker and acquire my target faster, rough guess, about twice as quick

    Shot grouping - on slow and steady, no time frame shooting ( not taking into account where the shots on paper are), they were pretty similar, about a 1/4 inch tighter on the hi point, but I have a lot more experience with this gun.

    Target points - I guess when all is said and done, can you hit a center mass of target ?
    I had an advantage as another member told me ahead of time about the low and left issue of glocks, and the S&W glock clone. 3 magazines and a little finger adjustment, I had this mostly under control.

    With slow shooting, they are both very accurate guns in my amateur opinion, I shot a little better with the hi point, but again, I have much more experience with this gun.

    So, which do I think is a better gun.........My family life on the line, as of right now, I would chose the c9 Hi Point first, this is not said because this is a Hi Point forum.
    I did have 2 jams with the Hi point, and zero with the S&W......but the recoil for target acquisition was a HUGE factor for me. Reality I understand that in a fire fight with adrenalin, it may become a non issue, but, in theory, I have to look at it, and if I was planning a military exercise, it would be fore front of my mind.

    Quality of make, I have taken apart both guns, tolerances on the S&W seem to be much better, and honestly, the take down is so much better on the S&W, no pins to tap out. Magazines also feel more solid and better made, I hate to say it, but the S&W just felt like there was more put into the assembly of it. Kind of the difference between a nice Hyundai now, and that Hyundai accent they made in the early 90's, both did the job, but the new ones are more refined

    Best gun ? I don't know, and don't feel qualified to say, it would really come down to nuances that a more experienced and qualified shooter would recognize. It would be important to see how each has held up in 5 years. Would I buy either one again, yeah, I would.........I want a 40 since I now have two nines, I will probably purchase the Hi point for two reasons.

    1) the mags are compatible with the carbine
    2) since I am a recreational shooter, the dollars tell me the Hi Point is a better value for me ( I shoot once a month), the extra $180 could be put to use elsewhere.

    If used for work purpose and concealed carry, I have used my c9 for that and the weight did not bother me at all, but I could see on a daily basis the S&W might be nicer.

    They are what they are, both budget guns, both with strengths, and both with weaknesses, I don't regret either purchase at all.

    Someone who has arthritis in the wrist, or maybe someone with a weak wrist ( avoiding saying a wife). The Smith and Wesson might not be a good choice based on the kick, even with the weight, the Hi Point feels like less wear and tear on the hands

    Hope I hit everything
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    Here are the two girls side by side

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    Nice thought out post.
    I can attest to my experience with my sd9ve and my c9.
    Most of what you point out, I can completely agree.
    Having about equal range time with mine, I can say that they are both accurate (once adjusting the sights on the sigma). My c9 does take the slight edge though in handling feel, esp after stippling the grips.
    As far as trigger feel, I upgraded the trigger springs in the s&w with the apex set and it did really help.
    I like the variety (yet still limited) aftermarket items for the sd9 and the fact that it has an accessory rail. I attached tfo sights on it and have a green laser and also a flashlight.
    At the end of the day, I would use either as my bedside pistol. The sigma takes the slight edge due to having my tritium night sights, a higher mag capacity (16rds with the sd9ve), and the flexibility of easily attaching a light/laser.
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    genuinely a good review and side by side comparison. As i said in your last thread my time with the sd9ve was pretty tainted so I would be interested in giving it another try.
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    Good review, thanks for posting.
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    Good post, and well thought out.
    Unfortunately, this year I have had to sell several of my firearms to cover medical costs. I am now in a position to replace my 995 and my .357, the three others were not my favs and I can do without them. But when it comes down to buying, money is usually the #1 factor for me. Can't get both the 995TS and .357 at the same time. No doubt the 995TS will be the cheapest, but if I can get a good used .357 for approx the same price, then I may go with it and start saving again for the 995TS. Not the best scenario, but it is what it is.
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    About 3-4 years ago I did but a gently used Taurus .357 for $275-ish so they're out there.
    Everybody needs a .357 lol
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    I bought the APEX springs based on reviews, but wanted to shoot it first, there is also a trigger upgrade for the S&W too.
    This week I am ordering my Joey Keychain and the Mahan sights for the c9 ( one done at a time)
    Will be interesting to do a side by side when both have the upgrades
  9. The SD9 is a Glock clone for almost half the price. In fact Glock sued S&W over the gun when it was called a Sigma. From everything I have heard it is a fantastic gun. I sometimes kick myself, I could have got my tupperware 40 caliber guns for less than a Glock with a blue label discount. I paid $370 for my wife's G22. I could have bought the SD for 300 dollars. But it would not have night sights, and one less magazine. But she rarely carries a spare mag, and night sights are not that big a deal to me.
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    rumor has it that S&W pays Glock a royalty fee on every one thats produced.
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    The c9 and S&W are a bit different. To get the best of both (the weight of the HP and initial reliability of the S&W) you should look into a service grade all metal pistol like a Beretta 92. The price is much higher unless you go with something like a Canik or one of the Eastern European brands. I don't have any experience with these so I don't know if reliability is as good as S&W though.
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    I have heard nothing but good about the cannik tp9 sa.
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    I actually had a Beretta 96f ( 40) sold it back tot he original owner as he sold it to me when he had money problems. Was a really nice gun, but seemed like it wanted to be wet ( oiled well)
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    Nice post. well done
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    Since we also have both, I enjoyed your post. Matches my experience, but in reverse. Here my LOML prefers the C9 grips, while I find the SD9VE fits me better. I hadn't known about the low/left sights, though. Explains some of my problem. Thanks again.
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    I really like your review and I think I can relate to everything that you've reported. I live in Cali and have both as well and I have to say, though I am still learning as a newer gun owner, I think I shoot better with the C9 than I do with the S&W, and I also like the heavier solid feel of it over the SD9VE. It will eat whatever I've put through it so far and if I ever do decide to get my CCW, I might be more tempted to carry it despite it's weight. I think I'm going to put my ghost ring back on.
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    My brother has a SD40VE. I have shot it quite a bit. Love the way it fits my hand. I don't remember any problems he had with it. I know it has never malfunctioned when I shot it. I wanted a hi capacity 9 for no particular reason and I bought the Taurus PT809. Happy with it, but sometimes wish I had bought the SD9VE. The Smith can be had with 16 round magazines.

    Comparing his SD40VE to my CF380, caliber differences aside, my remarks would be similar to yours. My CF380 actually has a pretty good trigger, the SD trigger is what it is. Designed for self defense, you have to mean to fire it for it to go bang. For home defense I would feel protected and would be comfortable using either, but would probably choose the Smith if for no other reason than capacity.

    BTW, nice comparison, I enjoyed it.
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    I have owned all of them except the 380. Wife has a SIG but that doesn't count. S&W is a great gun but so is the C9. I have a C9 that has never had a issue at all. Thousands and thousands of rounds through it with out cleaning it. I finally cleaned it not that long ago and I had it over 15 years. That gun just won't quit. Enjoy what you have and get more guns ;-)
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    They do for the Sigma (SW series), not the SD's.
  20. I wondered that, but the claim is still out there. Wonder if there is some citation readily available either way.