c9 VS. the C9COMP

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    I hear a lot about the C9 but does anyone have any good experience with the C9COMP?
  2. i want to buy either one but no luck finding them here locally. i own the regular c9.

  3. I'm looking to get a C9 Comp myself.
    I really would rather have that than the standard C9. My personal feelings are that the extra 1/2" barrel length & the Compensator will greatly improve accuracy. It also comes with an 8 & a 10 shot magazine set included so your getting more for your money IMHO.

    I don't know about you others here but I won't be using it for a CCW. It will be for home defense.
    If I wanted a CCW gun I would go for something lighter but I'd still like the longer barrel. The C9 & 380 ACP is only 6 oz. lighter & the 380 Comp is only 4 oz. lighter than the C9 Comp.
  4. I have the c9-comp. Works good for me.

    As for the impact of the extra 1/2" of the barrel, I'm not sure. every little bit helps, I suppose. I suppose if the twist is tight enough and you get an extra half to full turn with the 1/2" that it could improve stability at a longer reach.

    One of the reasons why I do like the comp is due to the rail. Home defense - attach a light to it for low/no light conditions (laser sights don't help when you can't make out your target in the darkness).

    recoil - I'm not sure how much the compensator attenuates the felt recoil. I haven't fired the regular c9. But the recoil feels similar to the Glock 19, imo.

    question - since the barrel is longer, that may allow some of the powder to burn a bit longer, increasing energy (I think). Would that make the felt recoil a bit stronger (say if the compensator wasn't there).
  5. C9 vs C9 comp

    Just an alternate opinion: 9mm rounds don't offer all that much recoil to begin with, and the base C9 is hefty enough that it mitigates that pretty well, so I'm not sure if the compensator makes a great deal of difference in that regard. Also, for home defense your target is probably under 20 feet away, so accuracy at such short distance is sort of a moot point, in my opinion. Plus the base C9 is at least a semi-viable option for CCW.

    I do concede that the C9 COMP will let you strap a light to it (good for home defense) and you do get a lot more stuff for a little more cash with that product, however.
  6. Ehh... in my opinion, as far as recoil management goes, a compensator will usually help. A 9mm is definitely a more manageable round as far as recoil goes compared to .40 or .45, but while not extreme a compensator should make a somewhat noticeable difference.

    HOWEVER, as far as home defense at night: a compensator will usually increase muzzle flash, which might interfere with night vision and re-acquiring a good sight picture.