C9 Wear-Out?

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    I was thinking of get me and the wife a pair of C9's so we could shoot together.

    I heard alot of bad stuff about hi-point, But being a proud 995 owner i know most is B.S.

    Can some of you C9 shooters tell me how it the wear and tear on these guns...and can you get a mag that holds more than ten rounds?
  2. I have close to 2000 through mine and others here have many more. If you're shooting 2 of them, you'll need to sell a car to buy that much ammo soon! If something goes wrong, send it in for repair.

    Someone else will have to comment on the mags.

  3. i have done few research on the mag, i don't believe there are any hi point mag that hold more than 10 rd. i hear someone did use a custom made mag that hold 17+1 rd but no pic nor video to proof it.

    ps, suck to be in california, 10 rd is max for us.
  4. I have been shooting HP for a long time. My original 40 does not have the last round hold open and the old mags. I have put well over 5000 rounds through it without a glitch. As for the mags for the C9, well 10 is the max unless you find a mod or get a pro mag that would actually be a waste of your money.
  5. Meatcleaver

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    $18 for a 100 rds ..not to bad compared to say a 40 or 45 acp..?

    I didn't think so ..though i did read on hear that someone used the 10 rounder from their 995 in a C9...if that is true then the 15 rounder for the 995 might work too? maybe..

    Thanks for input so far.. i would like to here more from other C9 owners..
  6. The 15 rd Pro Mag is actually made for the 995 carbine. I do not know if it would work well in the pistol even if it did work as advertised
  7. I have several thousand rounds through my C9 with no problems. If anything it got better with use and I'm considering buying my son's C9 with only a few hundred rounds through it.
    I bought him the C( but he has a Taurus Milenium Pro now that he likes better, the Taurus holds more rounds and is flashier.
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    I keep looking at the pics of it and i was wondering where is the slide release? is it the saftey that holds it open?
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    Yes, the safety holds the slide open. After the last round is fired it stays open by it self, until you manually close it
  10. For two years I put 300 to 500 rounds/week through my C-9. As my collection grew the round count lessened but I still put 50 to 100 rounds through it when it goes to the range.

    I wish there was a mag that held more then 10 rounds. I just bought more mags (I have 6 now)
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    ya i wish the pistols had a slide release, i suppose they wanted to keep it simple probably saves cost also.
  12. I just use the safety as the slide release.
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    If the last round is fired and you insert another mag you have to pull the slide further to the rear. The safty has no impact. As in you can move the saftey all you want but the slide will remain locked to the rear.
  14. Unless after all the rounds are fired you drop the magazine, pull the slide back and push up the safety, then load a loaded magazine and release the safety. If you do it that way the safety is used as a slide release.
  15. Thayldt21

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    Well it could work that way but man that is a lot of steps to go threw and adds a few steps as well.

    when you could just drop the mag insert new rack slide and fire away. why mess with racking slide putting on safe then blah blah blah.

    kinda defeats the purpose

    but if you feel the need to take twice as long to reload then more power to ya.
  16. $18 for 100 rds? i may have messed up buying the .45...

    well, for the money, i can always buy the 9mm as a second gun!!
  17. Around here WWB: 9mm 100 is $15, 45 acp 100 is $23.
  18. Meatcleaver,

    I bought my C9 NIB in March 06 and on my next range trip it will be pushing the 2000 mark if not slightly over. I lost track of the exact number of rounds after 1500 rounds, so 2k is a rough estimate on my next trip.

    I had a few issues with my C9 for the first 150 rounds, most of those problems were caused by a bad magazine that was replaced by Beemiller at no cost to me after a phone call to their customer service department. I also think some of the problems were related to "limp wristing" because at the time I was having problems with my shoulder and elbow due to a pinched nerve in my cervical spine. After the 200rd mark my C9 was running flawlessly and I was not limp wristing the gun any more. I always tell people to expect some break in issues with the C9 for at least the first 250 rounds, this allows all the brand new metal surface contact points to settle in and smooth out. Some guys have zero break in issues, others may need as many as 500rds to fully settle in. Some guys have to tweak the magazine feed lips a bit, either closing them or opening them up slightly to ensure proper feeding.

    At the 1200rd mark I had a couple light strikes with WWB 115gr FMJ's so I called Beemiller and had them send me a new striker spring and guides. When the package arrived three days later I was surprised when I saw they had also sent a new striker too. I replaced the striker spring and guides and it has been a flawless shooter since.

    I have had more trouble with $400-$700 guns than I have had with my $120 C9. The high dollar companies would sell the parts I needed but would not send them out for free. Beemiller stands behind their products and go above and beyond what other manufacturers are willing to do to ensure the end user is satisfied with the HiPoint guns.

    I would purchase another C9 in a hearbeat and not think twice about it.