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C9 - What is average range and pattern???

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I just picked up a C9 and put the peep sight on right out of the box...it took me about 4 clips before I hit paper at 15 - 20 yards and a couple more clips to get a grouping. So the second box went well with 4" to 6" groupings at 15 yards. Is this decent or do I need to set my goals higher?
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Personally, keeping and holding 3 or so inch groups at 15 yards should not be a problem for most people for almost any gun. This is not rapid fire, I am talking about slow, aimed fire.
Most people, can't hit the paper at 10 yards with a handgun. Most people don't know how to shoot a handgun. Now, teach them, and they can hit the paper.

I don't know who you hang out with, but I was one of about 6 people in my division at basic that could come close to a 3in group at 15 yards when we first started shooting. A 3 inch group with a handgun is decent shooting, and most people aren't decent shots. Thats why I feel confident if I ever get in a situation where some guy has a gun on me, he probably won't be able to hit me unless its with a lucky shot.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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