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  1. Well went riding my ATV with my son and a friend. All three of us have Hi-Points, I have the C9 my son has the 40 S&W and by friend has the 45 ACP.

    I just recently bought the 10 round mag for my C9 and had been itching to shoot it with the 10 round mag and of course shoot some JHP's. I had 10 FMJ's loaded up in the 10 round mag and 8 JHP's in the the 8 round mag.

    I first shot the 10 round mag and the first round went went in but the slide didn't close all the way. So I pulled the slide back and ejected that round..the next round up didn't chamber...so again I ejected that round. The third round went in and I was able to shoot. The remaining rounds worked fine. It maybe that where the mag was new I needed to do the little tip I have read about that relaxes the spring or whatever it does. I didn't have any of these issues using the 8 round mags, I have two of them. I have put over 40 rounds of FMJ's through it several weeks ago with no issues.

    Then I put the 8 round mag in with JHP's. I shot up about 6 rounds of JHP's with no feed issues at all.

    All ammo used was the Winchester brand from Wally World.

    My son shot his 40 S&W with no issues at all with his. This is his third time shooting his.

    My friend's 45 was brand spanking new. He had just bought it and maybe put about 20 rounds threw it before going riding with us. He was having issues of hitting the target. Well I fired it and hit the mark every time. We found out that he has either some sort of eye problem or maybe even a grip problem. He was always hitting low and to the left. When I say low and to the left we are talking about 4 to 6 inches low and 4 to 6 inches to the left. Of course every time I shot it I was hitting the mark.

    So far my appetite has been aroused to where I want to get the whole line of Hi-Point pistols. Never can have to many pistols!! :)
  2. Welcome to the Hi-Point Addicts Support Group. We are here to listen and help.

    And encourage you to buy more Hi-Points.

    And help rationalize the purchase of more and more ammo. :D

    Don't forget to store your mags fully loaded. Also, load 1 less than the mag can hold for the first few trips to the range.

  3. Thanks sbroomheadsr I will do that. I had the 10 round mag loaded setting on my desk for about a week, but I had all 10 rounds in it. I will try what you mentioned.
  4. Probably should add that the break-in for my C9 was different than for my son's C9. He had less FTF's than I had. Mine likes Wolf and his doesn't.

    YMMV :)
  5. There was a thread that had a target that showed what you were doing wrong by the shot placement.
    Anyone have a book mark on it?

  6. http://www.reloadbench.com/pdf.html

    A bit more than half-way down LEE is in the bottom corner. One is for left-hand shooting, the other for right.
  7. Ari

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    You may need to adjust the feed lips on the 10 round mag
  8. Guys thanks for the links. The one from Reloading Bench I use to have bookmarked but couldn't find it. I will tell my friend about the target.

    Ari, I have thought about that. I will give it another try later in the week and see if it does it again. If it does than I may have to adjust the feed lips on the magazine. From what I observed Saturday the one round hit the top of the slide above the chamber. Makes me think that it might need to be bent in some. But, I will try shooting it a few more times before making that adjustment. It could be that the spring needs to get relaxed as I have read in other posts. Once I got the first two rounds out the remaining rounds fired okay.