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Discussion in 'Hi-Point Pistols' started by rgallini, Aug 13, 2014.

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    Went to the range last week with my C9, one box of Remington 50 rd 115 gr. and one box of Winchester "white box" 100 round 115 gr. target rounds. The Remington rounds went through without any priblems, but the WWB ammo kept FTF'ing like crazy.

    Now I've only been shooting for 6 months, but have put about 300-400 rounds through without issues. So I'm wondering if anyone else has had this issue with WWB?

    The rounds in the WWB look like they are more shiny and polished than any other rounds I've seen. Do they lacquer the rounds to make them "pretty" and in effect make them sticky?
    Anyway, I'd appreciate a sanity check on this stuff before I just cross it off the list.
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    Once upon a time, HP specifically warned against WWB, and a member here did some research showing varied OAL, speeds, head stamps, even primers, in the bulk packs.

    The 50 count boxes seem to be better, but I stay away from the bulk packs for the HPs.

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    I've heard that the WWB have OAL issues.

    I've not had any of them.
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    What's OAL?
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    Over All Length
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    Maybe I'm just lucky... I've run wwb through both 9's and the .45 and I really don't see any significant difference, in terms of ftl's or fte's, when compared to other round nose bullets. I think they're really dirty, compared to other ammo, say on par with Tula.
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    I have run a bunch of WWB thru my 995ts with no issues. Of course I have had no issues with any ammo thru my 995ts. I haven't really shot any jhp's with it, but any round nose bullets run fine. I have no experience with the hp pistols tho.
  9. That is interesting, may last trip to the range (this past Monday) I had problems with federal american eagle ammo with both my 995ts and my C9. I got multiple FTF and a some FTE, both my guns have less than 200 rounds through them. It is a little frustrating, I guess I need to stick to Freedom Munitions ammo. I am almost afraid to try the WWB 100 ct I picked up a few weeks ago in my Hi-Points, might have to save that ammo for my wife's glock.
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    My C9 has more than 4800 rounds through it and from the get-go, it has always had problems with Winchester White Box ammunition, so, I don't use it, ever.

    It consumes everybody else's ammo no problem. It really likes Monarch Brand 115 grn FMJ ammo.

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    I had problems with the WWB ammo a couple weeks ago. Only a few FTF rounds. My problems seemed to be the slide didn't fully chamber the round. Maybe I was riding the slide.
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    Welcome sds! Gotta love hpff!