C9's shooting low at 10 yards

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by rlwoods61, Apr 14, 2014.

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    I have problem and I suspect that it is me but I need input from the experts.

    I have 2 C9's and I cannot get either of them to shoot on target at 10 yards. Both shoot 6 inches low. If I can move the grouping up 6 inches I would be very happy. I don't think I am pulling low in anticipation of recoil but I could be.

    Any one else have any experience with shooting low?

  2. cicpup

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    Possible solutions

    1 - Adjust your sight
    2 - Work on your technique
    3 - Adjust where you place your line of sight on the target (aim higher)

  3. nadodave

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    I began to pull down with my c9, and didn't think it was me, so that is definitely possible.

    It could also be the sights, as mine would not hold true. I replaced them with the aluminum Mahan sight.

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  4. Hermitt

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    Unless you have an earlier Model C 9mm, the rear sight is adjustable. There is a small spring under the rear sight, so turn the adjusting screw (the most rearward one) counter-clockwise to raise the sight which will raise the grouping.
  5. SWAGA

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    I'm assuming these guns are not shot for accuracy but for functionality at the factory.
    As the consumer you are to get it to shoot where you want.
    Hence the adjustable sights on the gun.
    First you can sight in an empty gun at home by putting it in a makeshift stand where you can kinda eyeball the thing.
    This is obviously the least accurate step.
    Go the the range bring some basic tools and a shooting rest.
    Anything that will let you duplicate a shot fairly accurately.
    Take it from there.
    Move the sight same direction as where you want the bullet to go.

    Use this to remind you what you're doing.


    Aim with your thumbing sticking up, your index finger ( barrel) is now pointing up as in the gun shoots high with the rear sight high.
    Fold your thumb and you index finger will now point low.

    Some reading if you haven't done so:

    These can also be helpful:
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    Thanks for the help. I was hoping is what not my problem but after adjusting the back sights down and still not getting what I want, I have to conclude I have a trigger pull or other issue I will have to work out.

  7. cicpup

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    Down lowers your shot.
  8. ajole

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    NE Utah
    As cicpup said, you are totally backward. Raise the rear sights to raise the bullet holes.