CA Original 995 Owner Bought 1999- Still Legal?

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    Hello, looking for help to understand if my originally purchased 995 in CA 1999 is still legal? Havent shot in over 10yrs, marriage and 2 kids, everything has been locked away. Kids now getting to the age I wanted to take them out to some BLM land and target shoot. Dont want trouble and what ca compliancy. Anybody out there own a hipoint from back then in CA and know what needs to be done? Its got the stock magazine release from the factory as purchased. Assuming bullet button, correct? Is my factory compensator ok or does that equal the evil charistics "flash suppressor"? I know.....I know, but better late than never. Easy to fall behind with current regs in this state. Put the shooting on the back burner to start a family and find out now my carbine from my homework is a no go anymore. Sucks! This 9mm was always fun, cheap, easy to handle, and was thinking the perfect plinker to warm up the family shooting. Please tell me with a couple safety mods, my plan is still feasible? No budget for new firearms.

    Thanks, I'm sure this was discussed heavy a few years back when the 2011 law hit, but I'm new to the forum noone I know to ask.
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    no grandfathering like the hi-cap mags?

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    Silly me. I would check the laws on line on the official CA website.
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    Dont always trust information provided by a cop either. Its been proven time and time again that they aren't always familiar with the laws.
    Go direct to the CA webpage to find the most accurate and up to date information.

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    Yep many cops don't know the laws. Firearms instructors too. I had to tell some Florida guys the particulars of LEGAL open carry in Florida. Recently a cop harassed a fisherman that was doing open carry in the Bradenton area? Legal when going to and from the range or competition, and when going to and from, and while fishing.

    Hang a Popeil Pocket Fisherman on your belt, you're good to go! :p
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    Been there. Done that.

    You have to be a lawyer to make sense of the legaleeze. Otherwise, you spend 12 hours chasing down where the law references itself and what has been updated. You see things like starting in 149.32 Section 4 A (a) which reads, "A ammunition feeding device, as defined in 127.15 Section 17 A (b) is illegal except as defined below in sections (b), (c), and (f)..." and (f) defines "Law Enforcement Personnel" except as redefined by blablablabla...

    Like I said, I've waded through this stuff before (particularly Ohio's laws on knifes, swords, blades, handguns, and "other" weapons). It's 1,000 times more efficient to go find some lawyer who has already grepped through the legaleeze and written out a "plain English" version for the non-masochists who are just trying to get a simple question answered. And the acknowledge place to get the plain English for California gun laws is...

    ...wait for it...

    Peace favor your sword,
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    Bullet button ordered and in route. I'm leaving the compensator on my barrel, my interpretation of the CA law says flash suppressor or hider is NOT legal. A compensator is not a "flash suppressor" or "flash hider".
    Thanks everyone!
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    Just move to a good state.