CA to challenge ccw law?

Discussion in '2nd Amendment' started by ArmyScout, Aug 4, 2014.

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  2. Lets hope that California get their A$$ handed to them and that stupid judge gets fired for stupidity.

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    And THIS is why Obama is dangerous.

    "Judge Sidney Thomas, considered in 2010 by President Obama for a seat on the Supreme Court, issued a strongly worded dissent saying his colleagues went too far. "Carrying concealed weapons in public by definition does not inherently involve defense of hearth and home, so the core of the Second Amendment is not implicated."

    Where in the core of the second amendment does it talk about defense of hearth and home? Honestly, is he making that crap up? If some other court suggested that...they are idiots too.

    How about defense of my person, you idiot?

    Guys like this lawyer are why so many of us see lawyers as evil aliens out to destroy life as we know it.:rolleyes:
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    I agree with you ajole.
  5. I just don't get it. Home defense is a big deal. But im not at home all the time. Why do I loose the right to protect my self and my family and my property when i walk of my land?

    Honestly where am I more likely to be assaulted. In my home or walking down the street?

    All of these articles make me happy to live in a state that only requires a NICS check and $20 to have a CCW. And guess what California. I think the Gangs in PA pale in comparison to California. So how are these laws helping you?