Cabela's 2nd Amendment Sale

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by Dohrmc, Feb 8, 2016.

  1. Dohrmc

    Dohrmc IIWFWTIWRTW Member

    Not a huge sale, but all HiPoint carbine's are $20 off, now shown as $249.99.

    All pistols are still $169, and some a little higher.
  2. Dragonbreath

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    Good to know for people without good independent gun store options. Locally, I can get the carbines for $235 and the pistols for $139-$159.

  3. undeRGRound

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    Yes, We WOULD!!!
  4. Dohrmc

    Dohrmc IIWFWTIWRTW Member

    Jameson's!!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhh, I grow faint at that sight!
  5. moona11

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    Mole say you got that for me....
  6. dxr

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    where i am in texas, the 995ts is almost impossible to find in store. they're always on order. i just ordered one from a shop in Kentucky for $230+$10 FFL fee.
  7. Just got mine (995TS) for the same price ($249.00) at a local gun shop.
    They gave me a $75.00 trade-in for a Stevens 15-A 22lr rifle. I did not feel like driving 90 miles to Cabelas.:(:( Plus, I'll keep the business local.
  8. fishgrouse

    fishgrouse Member

    I drove 2 hours to Raleigh to get a 995ts. None in stock. No rain checks.
  9. Hello. New to the Hi Point club and forum.

    I picked up a 995TS for $265 out the door from my local Cabelas Sunday evening. They had all other calibers early in the day, but were OOS by the time I got there. That's okay as I went for the 995 specific. The over two hour wait in the firearm purchase line is a joke. They really need a better system. Once I got to the cash register it was five minutes until I was walking out with my new carbine. Having a carry permit certainly helped that along.

    I had scoured the list and broker for something reasonable for a few weeks. Anyone advertising in that range was also out of stock. I would have had to pay shipping and FFL fee for an online sale too. They're available at $300 on up.

    What has made them so hot lately?
  10. Outlaw

    Outlaw Supporting Member

    2 hours to Raleigh! Where exactly are you? I'm originally from the Wilson area. Bout an hour away.
  11. MarkWS

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    Welcome aboard hsr from the "show me state". You are going to love that 995(and this forum)!
  12. sarahsmom

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    Everyone is trying to either get armed, or more arms before the election. The left wing is threatening even more severe anti-gun laws. IMHO.
  13. diamondrattler

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    Any sale is good as horrible as the economy is. I don't know how people say its getting better and better
  14. fishgrouse

    fishgrouse Member


    I live in Hampstead. I went back up today and placed an order for the 995. Hopefully will have it in a few weeks.
  15. onstar37

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    I saw a high point pistol on sale at cabelas today for $129. I have spent way more then that on ammo

    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    I want a JCP. Closest Cabela's is in Bowling Green KY. Can't take possession over the state line + 105mi one way.
  17. onstar37

    onstar37 Member

    Not like regular price is that much more