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  1. Does anyone know if Cabela's sells Hi-Point carbines at their retail outlets?
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    I checked their "Gun Library" online and from what I found there, I'd say no. But if you are within 50 miles of one, give them a call and ask. Or you could just take a road trip to one and I am sure you could find something there to spend a few bucks on! I always do!!

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    Cabelas does carry hi-points now. About 6 months ago, I was there looking for a front handle for my 995 and I got "snubbed" by one of the morons behind the counter because I asked about them carrying anything for the hi-points. Well, to my surprise, I saw a nice shiny new 995 and 4095 sitting behind the counter a few months back. They don’t always keep them in stock (Im assuming because they sell fairly quickly), but I have seen them behind the counters on a few separate occasions.

    If you dont live near by, I would call first to see if they have any in stock before making the trip. I happen to live about 15 minutes from the Dundee cabelas, so Im there at least once a week.
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    I got one of mine at Cabela's about 6 monhs ago for $18x.xx. Seemed to draw a bit of attention and jealousy :D
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    the online gun library is gun someof the good stuff.... they carry all kinds of stuff in store, depending on which store you are at i guess
  6. Did I hear "road trip to cabela's"? I want to go. But yes I have seen Hi-Points in Cabela's
  7. Thanks for the replies. That is good news. We have a new Cabela's in East Hartford and I'm gonna take a run up there tomorrow. (also 15 mins away) I'm willing to wait a couple of weeks if they have to make an order.
    I already know that I'm going to get a snotty attitude from the gun shop I usually deal with. They were one of a very few dealers in the area for many years. Some of the salesmen act like they're doing you a favor by waiting on you.
    I like to support local businesses when possible but these guys have gotten too complacent. Maybe some stiff competition will improve their service.
  8. i was at the brand new cabellas in post falls idaho and they had a brand new .40 carbine there for $205. i asked to take a look at it and the guy at the counter had never seen one before and all he could do was sneer and jeer. one of the other clerks piped in and said he was sure it came with a barbie doll. hehehe... i can't blame them, if they've never seen one before. i essentially had the same reaction when i first saw hi-points. you look at the goofy looking gun, you look at the ridiculously low price and you have to laugh to yourself.
  9. Well, I went to Cabela's today to score a 995. When my number came up, I told the clerk what I wanted and got a wrinkled brow. "I don't think we have any here," he replied. I asked if he could order one and he checked the computer. "I only see one or two at any of our stores". I asked how long to get one in and he said maybe a couple of weeks. He then told me that because of the type of gun it was, management was not interested in stocking them at the Connecticut store. The implication was that it looked too much like an assault type weapon. :eek:
    Off to the gun store I really didn't want to deal with. The guy was pretty decent. They don't stock them so he called their two biggest suppliers. They don't carry them any more and haven't for two years. The feeling I got there was that they didn't want to bother finding me one. Thank you very much! :x
    Now I'm in a panic 'cause I've got my heart set on the Hi-Point and don't really want to do the mail order thing.
    On the way home from the excursion, I stopped at a little shop that deals with mostly used guns. I go through the racks with no luck. As I am waiting to talk to a clerk, I spot a Hi-Point carbine back in the corner behind the counter. My fingers were crossed hoping it was a 9mm since I already have the reloading dies. It was and it was brand new. The price was a bit high ($229) but in this screwed up state I guess I'm lucky to even find one! Since I don't have a pistol permit I'll need to "cool off" for two weeks until the paper work clears.
    Time to reload some 9mm! :D
    P.S. It turns out that I bought the Hi-PointPro 995. With the two mags and pouch and other goodies, it wasn't such a bad deal after all. 8)
  10. Welcome to the wonderful world of 995 ownership!!!
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    my journey's as a truck driver recently took me to a Cabellas in Pennsylvania and i searched the place hi and low just out of curiosity to see if i could find any hi point stuff......Didnt see a thing on the gun racks in the form of Carbines and nothing in the cases as far as pistols are concerned either.
  12. The main Cabela's in Sidney, NE has a small wall of EBR's on display, and there is a Hi-Point in there along with the AK's and such. I even had a clerk there recommend one once, when I asked to see the Beretta Cx4. He said, "The Beretta is an over-priced toy. If you want a 9mm carbine get the Hi-Point for one third of the cost, but twice the accuracy." I told him I already had one at home, and he smiled and said he had a few at home.
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    In the future. There is a really good gun shop that I deal with on route 66 min middlefield (middletown). Called New England Field and Stream (Cubetas). That's where I get almost all of my stuff from. Got the 995 there for $179.00 (they ordered it because it wasn't in stock at the time) but I took my Girlfriend there 2 sundays ago and they had one in stock for her.

    It's 30-40 mins away from Cabellas.. but it's a great place. The people are helpful & as long as they aren't super crazy busy they will sit and answer any questions/help you out in any way they can. Once one of the clerks spent 40 mins trying out each and every holster they had to see if any fit my Ruger p345. Great place.

    PS: Good to see another CT shooter on this board :)
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    I can't believe they wouldn't stock a 995 because it looked like an assault rifle. At the Cabela's by me you can buy one of these: