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    There have been lots of threads about which round is best 9, 40, 45, etc... When I first started shooting handguns I thought nothing compared to .45 acp. I even once posted here that "mathematically" the .45 was the superior round. As the years passed, I began to realize that all rounds have good and bad points, and that many are very similar in real life. Today I started looking up info and comparing the .380 through .45. Here is a table summarizing what I found. As far as I can tell the data comes from rounds fired through a 4 inch barrel.

    Although it is obvious the .380 is low man on the list, there is a lot of overlap on the list. I did notice one mistake though. Buffalo Bore makes a 200 grain .40 that isn't on the list.

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    Obviously, 40 is the best.

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    Bullet weight for 9mm goes up to 147gr.
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    About once a week someone posts this same thing. A dozen people will prove you right a dozen others will prove you wrong, and in a few days someone else will start the argument all over again.
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    Again really? Can we ban the next guy to bring it up. We all know 45 is the best. ;-)
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    How about we have a contest. We gather up all the die hard 45, 40, 9, and 380 fans and divide them into teams. We'll start with 40 against 45. They'll line up at 20 yards and shoot at each other. Then the 9s and 380s will have a turn. After round 1, the two teams with the most left will line up at 10 yards and shoot. Then the two with the least. We'll continue at 7, 5, and finally 2 yards. Last caliber standing wins.
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    I'll see your 45-70 and raise you 50
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    How about a lot of little holes. Full auto 22 pistol.
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    Raise you a 45.
  11. im actually surprised by the amount of overlap.

    I would expect that the high end of a lower caliber would get close to a low end. But i didnt expect it to be into the middle/top end.

    I think this is cool. puts a little more faith into my lowly .380 as well.
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    Pretty snappy recoil on my .380 pocket pistol with a 2 1/4 inch barrel.
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    Possibly more important than the calculated energy is the modern bullet construction.

    According to the FBI, that's ONE of the reasons for switching from .40 back down to 9mm.;)