California's New Gun Law.....

Discussion in '2nd Amendment' started by Hermitt, Sep 30, 2014.

  1. Hermitt

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  2. Bull

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    Ohhhhh..... Lying about a person could get you charged with a misdemeanor...... Impossible to prove someone was being malicious, as all they are saying is "I think."......... And same BS rhetoric, if it saves one life....... But I don't see them cracking on alcohol, cars, or for that matter, skateboards...... If it just saved one life......(Retch...)

  3. bscar

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    or gang violence
  4. MachoMelvin

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    Do you think the police would return your guns as quick as they came and took, confiscated or stole them?
  5. SWAGA

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    Useless.....what if your family doesn't know you own guns?
    Pretty pathetic effort.
  6. Bull

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  7. Bull

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    One phone call from a angry wife, or even a teenage child who feel wronged........... There's penalties for perjury now, but I still know of more than one case where someone lied, and another persons life was ruined.
  8. GoesBang

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    I am absolutely dumbfound on this.
  9. geekandwife

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    Its not like its a perm ban on just one person saying something. 14 days and you can get your guns back... and it still takes a judge to sign the order in the first place...
  10. Is there any gun control your not okay with?
  11. Visper

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    This is ridiculous!! How about an anti-gun family member or neighbor? The possibilities are endless.

    And geek, its the fact that you would have to go through the hassle to get your guns back... when they shouldn't have been taken in the first place.
  12. Bull

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    so I guess youd be ok with your first amendment rights could be suspended because someone said you had said something hateful?
    or your seventh, because someone said they saw you commit a crime?
    You sure you're not a communist? because that's even out there for a liberal
  13. geekandwife

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    I believe states should be allowed make laws for their own citizens and that if the lawful majority support something then people that aren't affected by it shouldn't really have a say...
  14. Hermitt

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    It's more of the "Guilty until you can prove you are innocent" :confused:
  15. geekandwife

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    My first amendment rights don't cover hate speech if it can lead to immediate violence.. As far as the 7th... for someone who wants to quote it... have you read it? Because it does not mean what you think it means...

    But every other right we have has limits associated with it, they are not an all you can do affair... it makes sense that the second would have limits as well
  16. Bull

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    You won't have to have committed hate speech..... Just to have had someone say you have....... You are truly a wet dream for the liberal agenda...... I'd say the rights in the thirteenth and fourteenth are pretty unlimited...... But ramble on about limiting our freedoms, except the ones you think we oughta have Lenin.
  17. sdbrit68

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    I live in California, a lawful majority, with all due respect, when the heck was I even asked ?

    When did I get a vote on this ?

    This is no lawful majority
  18. geekandwife

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    For the 13th - Immediato v. Rye Neck School District , United States v. Kozminski, Robertson v. Baldwin - All placed limits on the scope and power of the amendment...

    And the 14th - The whole concept of the republicans using a government shutdown to stop things like obamacare and other valid laws from being funded flies right in the face of it (you know the whole GOP strategy)... Also the NDAA and the patriot act fly pretty much in the face of it as well...

    And I noticed how you haven't tried to clarify your position on the 7th... did you read it yet?
  19. geekandwife

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    You vote for your state reps. We are not a democracy, we are a republic. We elect those who make our laws for us. That is where you had your say.
  20. sdbrit68

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    Actually that is incorrect, we have multiple areas here that are listed at 85 to 90% illegals, and almost all turn out to vote, we have tijuana running radio ads telling people how to vote in California, wheteher they live here and no matter the legal status.

    Calfiornia is so broken in voter laws, our votes dont count, we also have surpassed the number of people working by the number of people receiving benefits.

    SO trust me, I didnt get a say, the ones taking from me and my family who are more concerned with the gravy train not stopping, they got the say

    And god willing, I will be out of this state sooner than later, it has no choice bit to economically collapse