Called Hi-Point today

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  1. I called Hi-Point today. I wanted to findout what I needed to do to get my CF380 and C9 upgraded to hold open the last round. I am always so pleased with the serive at Hi-Point. All I have to do is ship them along with may magazines to HP and they will take care of all the upgrades I might need or want. Also, when shipping to HP, I was told to inform UPS that I was shipping "machined parts". This way I would avoid any problems associated with sending gun parts.

    I'm looking forward to the new upgrades.
  2. Beemiller will get you fixed up nicely. gotta love a company that stands behind their product, they are second to none in the entire business.


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    They have told me that as well but if you send it Fed Ex or UPS it will be more legal. USPS does use xrays and if they seee a gun you will lose it and may get a visit from the alphabet gang. My advise keep it as legal as you can get.
  4. Wait a minute! Since I have never fired my three Hi-Point pistols, I am not sure what I am reading. Does the action hold open after the last shot fired? Should it? Beemiller will fix it so it will? I bought them last summer. I know the 995 does not. What is up with this?
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    The majority of 995's were manufactured before the last-round function was introduced. Nearly every C9 I've fired and seen have the last-round function .
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    I called HP today too, the lady there is hilarious.
  7. Do you mean "Her?" There is one lady that can be something else to talk to LOL
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    i guess it was 'her' i called about getting scope rails and a manual for my carbine since the dealer didnt give me either. I also needed an iron sight adjustment screw since mine is stripped.

    "well what the hell do you need an iron sight screw for if yur gonna put a scope on it, Silly!"
  9. She is great to talk to.

    My HP C9 cn CF380 were made during the transition time from when they had the last round open and didn't. Mine will take a few adjustment and then will be good as new. Next I will have to call Iberia about my 40 and see if they can retro that thing. And yes UPS works best, but make sure you lable the package machined parts.
  10. Hmmm... do _any_ 995s have this? I thought that they had added this, but HP redid my 995 before Christmas, and it doesn't have it.
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    995 has a last round hold? thats news to me!
  12. I knew they were developing it, I had not heard that it was out yet.