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    I have a RIA 1911 that I use for daily carry. What I want, is to find a beavertail grip safety and hammer that matches, that do NOT have to be fitted (aka working on the frame alot). If that is impossible, has anyone done this conversion, and yet went back to the factory parts?
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    For some reason el, I was thinking our Milspec M1911A1's would accept anything that says "drop-in" 1911... Maybe I'm wrong on this.

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    Yeah, any 'drop-in' parts should work fine. Though it wouldn't cost too much to have a 'smith custom-fit one for you. If you're going to spend the extra cash to upgrade, it might be worth considering paying a bit more to get it hand fitted.
  4. Visit the Ed Brown website.

    They not only have the beavertail and hammer but also a jig to make it fit right.

    Edited - Ok the parts selection doesn't appear to be working on the website but give them a call. I get their catalogs and they have the parts in there, don't forget the jig to make a proper radius cut first time.

    EB has the grip saftey that everyone else either uses or copies.
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    I thought the milspec accepted everything, too
  6. A lot of 1911 parts are a tad over sized and need to be fitted. That is so that guys/girls wanting race guns with parts that fit so tight and close can get their parts to do that.

    Have you ever held an original Colt 1911 from the early 1900s? They rattle and are quite loose.

    Thats why so many parts for 1911s need to be fitted. There are subtle differences between companies in the way they size their frames or slides or whatever.

    I think a lot of parts are drop in though even though they won't be race gun tight and would be perfectly serviceable.
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    Thanks for the help, guys.