Calling all firefighters!

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  1. Just seeing who else on here is/has fought the beast (EMS welcome too).

    Over the years:

    EMT-B, Firefighter/EMT, EMS Sergeant/Firefighter.

    Prefer riding on our 2004 Pierce Dash (1,000 gal tank, 1,500 GPM pump, 60 gal. foam, 150' 1 3/4 front bumper line, 50' 1 1/2 trash line, dual 200' 1 3/4 crosslays in a minuteman load, 200/100 Apartment load (200' 2 1/2, gated wye, 100' 1 3/4), 200' blitz line, 1,200' 5" supply line.

    Occasionally ride the truck (2005 ALF Quint, 93' bucket), the medic (2006 Intermational), and the brush truck (1979 Jeep)
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    The wife is FF I and FF II certified, also EMT-B, EMT-I, and Paramedic.

    She currently volunteers for a city North of us, and is currently applying for full-time to another dept. If she gets it, I'll put off applying to Vegas Metro PD for another year or two.

    I'll probably get Wildland Firefighter I and II this summer. and probably get at least an EMT-B, before applying in Vegas.

    Anyway, these shiny firefighter tags on my vehicles sure are sweet!


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    i was a "field firefighter" for our rural FD while i was growing up ont eh farm. We had a system set up where certain farms had pre-positioned brush trucks to hit praire fires quickly and keep them semi contained until the main force arrived. We had a 1987 ford F-250 4x4 with 750 gal on board with 75 ft of line and two wide swath spray nozzles. Twice i held the line with a nozzle in each hand with my dad behind the wheel "run and gun" style for about 15 min until relief arrived. i never saved anyhting besides a few hay bales and some fence posts but its the effort that counts.

    ive also been involved in a good samaritan effort to contain an RV blaze the threatend large propane tanks but thats another story.

  4. And to those of you who don't know the story (and because he's too modest to list details), I'd've put SW in for a bronze star for what he did if I'd been there. Thanks to all you brothers (and sisters) out there serving, and keep reporting in guys!

    ETA: It went something along the lines of him checking to make sure it was empty, pushing a propane tank away from the fire to eliminate the explosion hazard, and suffering burned hands in the process. Risky, dangerous, and something I'd've dressed him up and down for, and exactly the type of mentality and actions that we look for in true-blue firefighters.
  5. I'm NOT, but my Dad is retired (28 yrs.). He was a Tillerman. I'm talking through the 60's and 70's into 80's. He had "stories" that were hilarious; dumb things people did; stuff They did and got away with which NOW you could not. He still has his plaques hanging up along with all His military stuff. :)
  6. If not for stupid people, 50% of us would be out of jobs due to reduced staffing requirements lol.
  7. Do not mean to get OFF topic to Your question....but, one of them was they got a call for smoke coming out of an apt. Got there and someone had their bathtub filled with charcoal to cook chickens. The chickens were hanging from a line over the kitchen sink.
    That was just one of the many stories.
  8. On the subject of non-flying birds, we had a guy with abdominal pain... when we showed up we found him with a turkey baster stuck up his... umm... well... it wasn't his nose, I'll say that much. Figured out that was probably what was causing the pain lol.
  9. Ok, here goes, another boring story of my life.

    Years ago, I used to work range control during the summer for extra money, at the headquarters of Camp Gruber OK, National Guard, mostly answering the phones and giving the occasional chopper permission to land or take off and make sure no one stole the place blind. It was a really small setup at the time.

    The base had a red pumper truck, actual fire engine. The only thing I remember now is that it had a chevy 427 engine in it, and there were knobs and levers that had to be pushed and turned to pressure it up, and of course hook up the hose. Probably late '60s truck. In good condition though.

    We were shown by the permanent staff how to get it working in case any of the buildings on base caught fire, because the town outside of the base, Braggs Ok is very small and their fire dept was volunteer if I remember correctly.

    Anyway, was sitting one day and got a phone call from the town asking for fire support, they had a fire.

    I ran out, hopped in the truck, fired up the lights and siren and headed for the gate, on the way the guy I worked with was waiting and hopped in the truck with me and we hit the highway into the town.

    We found the fire easily by the smoke, it was a mobile home and by the time we got there, we were just in time to set up and help them put the ashes out. Them dudes burn down fast. :shock:

    My one day claim to fame LOL

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    Retired firefighter 22 years experience also 3 years with Rescue Squad. I was certified in Pumps, Haz Mat, and all sorts of training even some officer training. I was in charge of Communication for 17 years from talking to installing and having the system repaired and or replaced and trained others to communicate. I also was the department photographer and would cover all training burns and investigaions.
  11. How did I not find this earlier. Ive been fighthing fire for about three years now. Im on a small rural department that doesnt see too much action. Mainly because people in my district are smart or just lucky.
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    Don't want to brag, but.....
    They call me the fireman, that's my name. I make my rounds all over town putting out old flames....
    Come on somebody had to do it.
    If the wife saw this post I might need an EMT
    Seriously, as a soldier who has deployed a lot, I realize the firefighters and police do what they do everyday. Not just 12-15 months at at time. God Bless those who choose their careers.
  13. Volunteer FireFighter for almost 5 years in Mississippi....