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  1. So I think I've talked the wife into letting me sell my car and get a wrangler. Here's the one I'm looking at right now, but not sure how bad the big ol tires will hurt the MPG, but not too concerned if it remains decent. Love the idea of having all the rhino liner covered parts.

    For sale is my 2002 Jeep Wrangler Sport that i need to sell. I am military and unforeseen circumstances are making me sell.
    Here is a list of everything:
    Vin: 1j4fa49s62p700502
    2002 Jeep Wrangler Sport Soft Top, Hard doors, 5 spd, 58000 miles, Lifted with almost new tires you can see from the pictures how new they are. Here is a list of all options: Flowmaster 2 channel mass flow exhaust Cold Air intake Stage 1 performance chip Center Force Clutch Upgraded 3 row performance radiator Rhino lined push bar in front Warn 8000 lb. winch mounted to Warn winch plate 6" Rough Country adjustable control arm suspension lift 3" body lift Interior completely rhino lined Undercarriage/ frame/ fender wells rhino lined 15x10 Pro Comp large bullet hole rims 38x15.50x15 TrXus STS tires Slip Yoke eliminator Extended hardened drive shaft Hardened 4.88 ring and pinion in front and rear Hella Black magic spotlights on windshield mounts Short bikini top- Covers just front 2 seats Safari top- Covers front and rear seats Drill less windshield channel needed to install optional tops Front speakers upgraded from 4x8 factory to 5 1/4" Infinity Sound bar speakers upgraded from 5 1/4" factory to 6 1/2" Infinity New sub woofer in center console 3 switches installed in center under on the left controls the Black Magic Hellas
    Asking 16500 or best offer

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    Do yourself a favor stay away from jeeps they are EXTREMELY expencive when it come to replacement parts and repairs. I worked for 8 years at a jeep dealership and that was all I heard from the service guys of how much more the parts were compaired to everyone else. If the price of that doesn't bother you then go ahead and get one.

  3. Taurus,

    I sold my 92 Wrangler (soft top) a couple months ago and bought a Cherokee. The Wrangler is nice if you like off road driving or crusing with the top off during the summer, but they are all rough driving vehicles and after a while you get tired of being beat up every time you go to the store. For a second vehicle to drive on the weekend they are great, but for an everyday all the time vehicle they kinda suck.

    Another thing I didnt like was I had no room to carry anything. Going to the range was a real PITA because I could only carry one or two long guns at a time. It was really hard to take my muzzleloaders to the range because they are so long and the Wrangle is only so wide, so I missed a lot of ML shooting days just because I had no way to get my guns to the shoots. Just something to think about before you jump into the Wrangler buying mode.

    Parts are a bit higher than other vehicle parts just because it says Jeep. I really didnt have major issues other than simple stuff like changing a few worn hoses, belt and did the clutch, pressure plate and hyd throw out.

  4. The way this one has had the body lifted and modded, I would be concerned as to how hard it has been rode and if it was put up wet, if you get my drift.

    If they did a lot of mudding and got water in the front wheel drive, rear axle and didnt change the oil out promptly it kills the bearings and if you spin a bearing race it can cost some money to fix.

    When I was younger I bought a 78 CJ5 with a body lift and big tires, I have been down that road.
  5. Jeeps are a blast but not for an adult daily driver. Get it if you are looking for fun but there is no comfort level what so ever.
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    As an owner of vehicles that have Flowmasters on them: They are loud.

    Man, I sound like my dad, ;)
  7. I've had my 94 YJ for 3 yrs now and I freakin love it. Just paid her off and she's all mine.
    +1 on the mods tho. I'd look for one that is plain jane and a blank slate to start your own FrankenJeep.
    My complaints: No room for other stuff. I have two boys, a wife, and a dog. Camping? Out of the question without having storage racks and even then it's tight. Its only good when I go camping/prospecting alone.
    Pros: I use it to daily drive to work and back and it's a TANK in the snows of Colorado.
    Cruising with the top and doors off in the summer IS THE BOMB!!!! Tunes cranked, shorts, tee shirt, Yankee cap, in a clean and polished Jeep makes the MILF's damp..heh heh....
    And always remember: JEEPERS WAVE!!!!!!!!!!!
    One more: It's a Jeep thing, you wouldn't understand.
  8. I've been wanting a wrangler but my interest has wained once I realized just how little space there is for other stuff(for me, guns, ammo, more ammo, more guns, bob,etc)
  9. I'll just seat belt the gun cases into the front seat as the wife deosnt enjoy shooting. If there was room i Muertes galf cart, there will be room in a jeep.
  10. Back in the day, I was a "Jeep Freak." I have no idea how many I've had over the years, but it was a bunch of them. Mostly CJ-7's, one Cj-5, a couple of Wranglers, a couple of CJ-8 Scramblers, and a handful or two of Cherokee's. Even had a couple of the old big Cherokee's and a Grand Wagoneer. Man, I HAVE had a lot of Jeeps.

    They're right. The CJ/Wrangler will beat you to death in day to day highway driving. It wasn't bad when I was younger, but it got to sucking the older I got. The soft tops flapped all the time, and on the CJ's with the soft doors, they rattled even more, and let rain, snow, cold, mud, water, and everything else in the world in. There was no such thing as "cracking a window." They were either open or shut.

    On the other hand, they were a heck of a lot of fun to drive, and VERY high on the COOL factor back then. I never did anything to them, just ran them stock off the showroom floor. Never got one stuck, and I went into some really BAD places. Carrying guns was no problem during hunting season, I'd just stand them up by the roll bars and strap them down with a bungee cord.

    The gas mileage sucks too. Big tires will make it worse. :)
  11. Nissan Extera..................nuff said
  12. The wife and I were talking about the Wrangler a few days back, she ask me if I ever missed my Jeep. I said H**L NO! That was one of the few vehicles I have sold/traded and never thought twice about it in the process or once it was gone. Maybe one day I will get another, but it wont be a daily driver thats for sure.
  13. lol, thanks but I'll pass on that one.
  14. I had a '76 CJ 5 with a fiberglass body/tilt frontend....304 AMC motor....I never should have sold it!

    Also had a '94 Commanche pickup....

    Worked security at the old North Cove plant for 15 yrs....they built a new plant here in Toledo.....

    I've been looking for an old Cherokee to whomp on...lift it...mud it....
    A guy at work bought one of the new 4 door Wranglers...pretty cool.
  15. Yea i've seen the 4 door wrangle, was impressed at first, then was told that the one I was looking at was 2 wheel drive...just the thought of a 2wheel drive wrangler makes me sick to my stomach. Like calling Barret up and asking for one in .22LR