Came home to lights on that shouldn't have been.....

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    Well I had an interesting little event this evening that I didn't think was going to happen, but it did. I left a couple of hours ago with my two kids to pick up my wife from work, my day off, but she had to work. We ran a few errands and returned home.

    I live in a building that has two business' below, and my two bedroom apart above as well as a small one bedroom apartment that has been vacant for about three months now. To gain access to the above apartments you pull around back to the parking lot and there is a door that goes up a set of enclosed stairs. At the top of the stairs is my door on the right, the other apartment door on the left and a small utility closet. I am the ONLY person with keys aside from the landlord who lives about 130 miles away. The bottom door is always locked, as well as the doors to the apartments. Again I have the only set of keys to any of the doors, aside from the landlord.

    Well when we pulled around back I noticed that a light in the vacant apart had been turned on...

    "The hell..." was my first thought.

    What got the wheels turning in my head was obviously this light, and the fact that recently we have been having a lot of break-ins in the neighborhood of cars and buildings.

    I got out of the Jeep and informed my wife to stay put and if anything should get ugly, get the hell out of dodge I was going to check it out. I thought about calling the cops, but didn't as there was a possibility that the landlord could have been down, and just left the light on when she left for the night. However she usually tells us in advance when she is coming down.

    Well as I exit the Jeep my wife than tells me she swore she seen a shadow go behind the blinds and and out of sight....

    I check the bottom door to the stairs, and it is locked. My bike is still in the stairwell, two thoughts at this point.

    1) If someone who wasn't supposed to be in the apartments had come, they were still there. My bike isn't a cheap bike and I wouldn't imagine them breaking in to steal things and just leave the bike.

    2) Maybe whoever turned the light on was O.K. to be there, and just forgot to turn it off....but what about the shadow my wife saw?

    Well I sneak up to the top of the stairs, at this point in order to get into my apartment I need to turn my back to the vacant apartment door. I decided at this point to check the door to the vacant apartment to see if it was unlocked. It was still locked which was a good sign, so I quickly made it into my apartment.

    Once in I went straight to my 995, still being slightly cautious that someone wasn't in my apartment...even though I wasn't armed. I unlocked my safe, grabbed my 995 and grabbed for the mag........

    "Son of a *&$#@!" I forgot to load mags and set them on the safe shelf after my last shooting trip. This meant I needed to pop the top on my ammo can, get the ammo, load mags and charge the 995.

    I did this as quickly as possible and headed to the apartment next door.

    At this point I thought I should be a little nervous, yet I was still completely calm. A little ticked at myself about the mags, but still calm.

    The other thought was that the door to the vacant apartment was still locked. Should I even continue this? Well I decided to make sure it was vacant still as the apartment is easy to get into without keys and using the doors. A tree that is easily climbed sits right next to the back deck, and even a half brained crack head could figure out how to climb it and get into the apartment. Also...what about this damned shadow!

    I figured, check it out and if someone is in it do my best to handle the situation, no matter what that meant. I was more than comfortable with the thought that I might have to use my firearm. The other thought was how much I was going to kick my wife's ass if this place was empty about her shadow comment! the mind works.

    Well the apartment is very small and I easily cleared it and determined that nothing was signs of forced entry, nothing taken/broken. Just that damned light.

    After I deemed it safe for my family to come up I went down to the Jeep and was about to give my wife a bunch of crap about her shadow statement. However when I got to the jeep I seen how worried and stressed she was. So I decided not to, and just explained to her what I did and what my thoughts were.

    Now this brings me to something else...

    During this little event I stayed completely calm, short of my little curse I said to myself about the mags, my nerves never shot up. I didn't feel the adrenaline dump that most people should have. I didn't get tunnel vision, I just simple stayed unemotional.

    I have had past experience with this sort of situation a couple of times, but it has been years. So I can't imagine that it helped out...

    Maybe I just didn't take the situation serious enough and that is why I didn't react emotionally? Over confidence? Self Control? I am just a little confused on how I reacted. I suppose it was for the better, but it was unexpected.

    Anyone else been in this situation? How did you react? Did I over react with clearing the room with a firearm? I felt a did well with the actual clearing of the small three room apartment.

    Maybe I screwed up in the beginning by not calling the cops, what would you guys/gals done?