Camel gets $2.7m in beauty contest

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  1. browwiw

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    Having worked in the local show horse circuit, I can tell you rich people of any stripe will pay way too much for an over priced crap-machine.

    They love their camels just as much as we do our horses and dogs.

  2. Oh no doubt, I just always thought it was a stereotype, not an actual fact... I guess I can't really look at camels as "beautiful" the way I can see dogs that way.
  3. If you ever see anyone with their arm up a camel's arse, that's a mechanic ok? :shock: :wink:
  4. So when you say you're a fuels guy...

    never mind lol.
  5. browwiw

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    Or a veterinarian.
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    I wonder if he paid that much for a single or double humper?
  8. Wish I could find that south park clip of osama dating a camel... i have it on my computer, but can't post it :(.