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  1. Has anyone used before for supplies? Was looking at there site today and they have some good stuff at reasonable prices. Was looking for some feedback or another site I can order similiar supplies. Thanks
  2. I made an order from campingsurvival almost three weeks ago. (Three week mark is tomorrow.) Still have not received my products. The reason is because they didn't ship them until Tuesday.

    There was a problem with my order and they couldn't ship it. But, they didn't do anything to notify me of this problem until after I emailed them asking why I didn't have my order yet. The day after I talked to them and got the problem resolved, the order did ship.

    So, my only complaint thus far is that they didn't bother to notify me when my order was unshippable. (Which, I consider a pretty big problem).

    Hope this helps.

  3. I have ordered from in the past, decent prices and decent selection of items when you cant find it anywhere else. They are not the fastest shippers but I never had a problem with an order. Think it took 5-7 business days for my orders to arrive.
  4. Thanks for the info guys. I guess I will look elsewhere to find what I am looking to buy.