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Technically this would be my 8 month old sons first gun. It was given to him from his grandfather..my father-inlaw and it was his fathers. It skipped a generation cause my wife had no brothers only 2 sisters so there was no "son" to recieve it until now I am proud that my son owns it and I am going to make a little minature gun rack like mine. Any one got any idea how old this toy gun is and the value of it? It wont ever be sold but i'd like to know about it. And i said first gun not firearm he will get my old .22 in about 7 years like i did!

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Well, what I have found so far is that the King Manufacturing Co made these for Daisy.

Will add more if I find anything else.

Also try this sight. http://www.daisyking.com/index.htm

This sight claims some knowledge in the history of King Manufacturing.

Welcome to Daisyking.com! My name is Dennis Baker.
My family and I have a history of employment with Daisy going back to 1934. Between my father Sheldon, my brother David and myself, the Baker family has nearly 80 years of service with Daisy.

Daisyking.com is intended to provide some basic information about Daisy and Markham / King collectible air rifles, air pistols, toy guns and accessories.
You might be able to forward the pictures to them and get accurate info on the rifle.

Good luck.

You might find this interesting as well.
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