can anyone keep a eye up for me

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    if anyone have made similar product for(or will fit) HP. i found out if i shoot more than 200 round in one setting, my gentle hand (the part between thumb and index finger) will blister. anything that add a padding on that grip area should help.
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    I use a piece of Second Skin made by 3M which one can find in most Drug or department stores. It costs about $4.00 a roll and it is a very flexible, sweat proof, self adhesive tape that should protect that area from blisters. I recommend it to a lot of shooters and it seems the work very well.

  3. do you mind post some pix with the second skin. thanks.
  4. have you considered getting some open fingered shooters gloves? i've seen them for pretty cheap at midwayUSA and the sportsmans guide, they might solve your problem, and you never know, you just might like the "Ima bout to lay the smack down" 80's street thug look!


    these babies are 10 bucks at
  5. nice, thanks alot. i have been use normal working glove(just the left hand). i try the right hand but decide it really effect my aiming and trigger pulling. i'll give this baby a shot.