Can Cannon now on the ATF's list

Discussion in '2nd Amendment' started by bscar, Sep 22, 2015.

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    I may be wrong, but i would think this sort of item would need to be approved in its design stage to meet any applicable federal standards. That is assuming the manufacturer followed proper procedure, but if they did not, thered be a much larger can of worms opened.

    I dont know how long the "barrel" is but if its 16" or longer it meets federal standards. If its not, then the AOW/SBR issue is legitimate.

  3. SWAGA

    SWAGA No longer broke... Lifetime Supporter's always been a grenade launcher really.
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    Ok having read the article now, its m perfectly ridiculous calling it a shotgun, but it does not meet minimum lengths.
    This should be interesting to watch play out.
  5. SWAGA

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    Let's build a grenade launcher and start selling it without approval/ruling....great idea.
  6. undeRGRound

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    ...regardless of the fact the ATF has been into unconstitutional banning and regulating
    ever since they came into existence? If I had one, I'd wait for the letter saying I had to
    register it and apply for the tax stamp. But keep it under wraps for sure! :eek:
    Those @$$holes come in and fire bomb your compound, errrm Homes and
    shoot your women and children!
    ;) ;) :D </snark>
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    Hate to derail your future rant, but they're perfectly legal to own if your state permits it.
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    Furthermore, what if someone built their own and kept it in state, and only used it for cans
    and non-explosive projectiles? What's the difference if it uses blanks or compressed air?
    I think they are really trying to stay in business in unrelated areas!
    Danged worthless Gubment Agencies, increasing their grasp beyond
    their original scope of operations. Really... :rolleyes:
  9. And if it's 37mm you can buy them and have shipped thru the mail no questions asked, as they aren't even considered a firearm.

    How I'm going to have to make/get a can cannon that is shorter or longer. I wish the government wouldn't encourage me to get more stuff.

    Oh well. Not as bad was when Clinton wanted us to all be buying a gun a month. I have guns from then that are still in gun grease and squirreled away. I never have been able to figure out why he wanted us to all be able to arm a couple of platoons, but I'm sure whatever he knew about the threat to the USA worried him more than it did me only having to come up with the money for guns and where to hide them.
  10. They already do, by calling them flare launchers.
  11. cicpup

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    Potato Gun
    T-Shirt Cannon
    Punkin' Chunker
    The little addition on the end of my Yugo SKS

    All legal and all could be considered a grenade launcher. It's possessing and launching live explosives that can get you in trouble.
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    NE Utah
    You are SO right, its a GREAT idea! We could all get rich!:p

    This is still America, if you think its too dangerous, arm yourself, hide, or move somewhere that fits your idea of "safe"; but stop trying to restrict the freedom of other people.:cool:
  13. You need to start printing that on t shirts. I'll buy one
  14. cicpup

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    So all they gotta do is add a couple inches? Not exactly devastating is it?
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    That's what she said?
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    As long as you pay the $200 NFA Tax on each HE round and your State allows them you are good to go. :)
  17. bscar

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    Look at the crap Aus is going through with some new lever action shotgun being imported to their country. They're reviewing a 7+1 capacity to see if it meets their standards, but they've allowed a 5+1 version to come into the country. Somehow those 2 extra rounds makes it more deadly or something.

    Anyways, I ordered one, just in case they go out of business or ban the future sale of them at some point. Which brings up a certain fallacy in the ATF's logic; the UPPER is what's in question, the lower determines if it's an AOW or SBS. I could see if one needed a specific type of lower receiver for the cannon, but since it's compatible with ALL AR-15 lowers, and there's no serial number on the upper(That I'm aware of anyways), how does one go about registering it, and what do they register it as?
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    Stop trying to be logical, 'car. Dis be da gubbamint yo be speakin' on. Don't need dem no reason - Day the GUBBAMINT. 'Samadda you, boy?
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    Reading their letter is confusing as well. Says if you assemble the can cannon to an AR receiver with a stock, or are in possession of such a receiver, you are in violation of their rule unless you pay them their $200 bribe. Basically, it looks like they're saying that just possessing a can cannon AND an AR15 lower(or fully assembled, it looks like) you are in violation of their ruling.